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Bydgoszcz Air Fair 2015 – E-310 UAV In A Virtual Training Suite

  • Fot. ABW

PIT-Radwar and Eurotech jointly presented the E-310 UAV system during the Bydgoszcz Air Fair. The new vehicle was shown together with a launcher and a control station. Additionally, options of carrying out virtual training for the E-310 drones, also involving the self-propelled artillery crews and observers along with the JTACs, were also presented.

Not only was the E-310 UAV present during the Bydgoszcz Air Fair as a model, but also in a form of a working, electrically propelled UAV. The latter example has been used during the field tests. The UAV was presented with a pneumatic launcher, towed by a medium-capacity car, also acting as the carrier for the mission control station. The whole set constitutes an independent system. Preparation for a sortie takes 60 minutes, and the whole system can be handled by a crew of 2.

E-310 UAV’s are capable of conducting sorties throughout a period of up to 15 hours within a radius of 150 km from the ground control station, at altitudes of up to 5 000 m. The E-310 is able to attain speeds of 120-180 km/h. Take-off weight is as little as 80-90 kilograms, where 20 kilograms are taken by the payload. The E-310’s wingspan is 5.4 m, length is 2.8 m.

Not only could the unmanned system, offered for the Polish Army within the scope of the procedure, the aim of which is to procure the tactical “Orlik” short range UAV’s for the Armed Forces, be seen in Bydgoszcz, the fair also featured a presentation of integration possibilities, within the scope of coupling the E-310 UAV’s with a virtual battlefield management system. Not only does this make it possible to train the UAV operators, but it also enables the training officers to involve the artillery personnel and JTAC’s, along with the observers, in the training  procedures.