Armed Forces

Canadian Hornets Headed To Romania

The Canadians decided to deploy four CF-18 Hornet jets along with 100 air force troops to Romania, for training purposes.  

The aircraft, along with the Canadian airmen, will be deployed to the Romanian Constanța air base, from the Bagotville airbase, located in Quebec. The Canadians are expected to participate in a bilateral exercise which is scheduled to take place in March this year.

This is not the first deployment of the Canadian jets in Romania. 425th Tactical Fighter Squadron, stationed at the Bagotville base on a daily basis, visited the Romanian Câmpia Turzii airbase in the autumn of 2014, within the scope of provision of support for the NATO Eastern Flank (Theatre Security Package). The main goal of the current deployment is to conduct training pertaining the NATO procedures.

The Canadians are also involved in land forces training in the Central Eastern Europe, in Poland, above all. On the other hand, the new government decided to withdraw the CF-18 Hornet jets from the operations against Daesh in Iraq and Syria.