Armed Forces

Canadians Reinforce The NATO Eastern Flank

Canadian Armed Forces have deployed another 125 soldiers to the Mid-Eastern Europe region. These soldiers are to be involved in NATO operations in the area, including allied exercises.

According to the Department of National Defense of Canada, members of the 3rd Battalion of the 3rd Royal Canadian Regiment will be involved in training exercises, along with the soldiers who were deployed to Mid-Eastern Europe earlier on.

As we know, elements of the Canadian Army are taking part, above all, in exercises in Poland, cooperating jointly with, among other units, the Polish 25th Air Cavalry Brigade. Last year the Canadians were involved in the Anakonda 2014 exercise, they also took part in training exercises, along with the Polish and the US Airborne units.

The Canadian authorities stress the fact that participation in the exercises taking place in Mid-Eastern Europe shall constitute a proof, that Canada is ready to fulfil its commitments, should a threat arise, which would be potentially coming from the Russians. Last year, besides the land forces, the Canadians also deployed their CF-18 Hornet fighters, which took part in an unplanned exercise in Romania and in the Baltic Air Policing operation.