Defence Industry: Activities Undertaken by the V4 Group.

Fot. WB Electronics
Fot. WB Electronics

Directors of the bodies responsible for military procurement within the Visegrad Group States’ MoDs have visited the Polish WB Group.

During the meeting, the potential and the technological know-how of the WB Group were showcased, along with solutions that have been developed by laboratories of the companies gathered within the group itself.

A practical demonstration of the equipment also took place, throughout which the guests from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia had a chance to test the operation of the modern [email protected] and PERAD digital radios. The delegates also got acquainted with the capabilities offered by the FONET and TOPAZ C4ISR/fire control systems.

The guests also got to know the WB’s tactical UAV systems better - here we are referring to BSP ŁOŚ and MANTA aircraft, designed by the engineers of the Gliwice-based UAV centre, the Flytronic company.

At the moment, systems delivered by the WB Group are being used by Armed Forces of all of the V4 Group states.