Defence Industry: Activities Undertaken by the V4 Group.

1 lipca 2017, 17:23

Directors of the bodies responsible for military procurement within the Visegrad Group States’ MoDs have visited the Polish WB Group.

During the meeting, the potential and the technological know-how of the WB Group were showcased, along with solutions that have been developed by laboratories of the companies gathered within the group itself.

A practical demonstration of the equipment also took place, throughout which the guests from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia had a chance to test the operation of the modern COMP@N and PERAD digital radios. The delegates also got acquainted with the capabilities offered by the FONET and TOPAZ C4ISR/fire control systems.

The guests also got to know the WB’s tactical UAV systems better - here we are referring to BSP ŁOŚ and MANTA aircraft, designed by the engineers of the Gliwice-based UAV centre, the Flytronic company.

At the moment, systems delivered by the WB Group are being used by Armed Forces of all of the V4 Group states.
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