Defence Policy

SKANER Defence24: Do we need the nuclear deterrence?

Photo. Senior Airman Tessa B. Corrick, US AF

Professor Matthew Kroenig (Georgetown University and Atlantic Council) was the guest of the latest episode of the "SKANER Defence24" program. The topic of the conversation, led by dr. Jacek Raubo (Defence24), was the perception of the role and importance of an effective nuclear deterrence system. Especially in the current configuration of tensions in European security, but also in the world context, pointing for instance to elements of the policy of deterrence against China.

During the conversation, Professor Matthew Kroenig also referred to the role and importance of nuclear weapons in present Russian politics. There was also a broader reflection on the state of transatlantic cooperation within NATO, as well as the role Poland plays in the perception of the Central and Eastern European region by the authorities in the United States.

Of course, the natural background for the discussion was the tension that currently exists around the Russian military concentration around Ukraine. The main perspective of the considerations has become to understand whether we still need to protect the "nuclear umbrella" and whether it is effective, and maybe when it is most effective.