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UK MoD: Sky Sabre System Deploying to Poland

Photo. British Army

Ben Wallace, head of the British Ministry of Defence, announced that Sky Sabre systems, utilizing the CAMM missiles, are to be deployed to Poland soon. The aforesaid SAM solution is being considered as one of the potential procurement options in the Polish Narew programme.

Ben Wallace announced the deployment of the SkySabre system to Poland during a joint press conference held together with his Polish counterpart, Mariusz Błaszczak. 100 soldiers would be deployed alongside the missile systems.

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Sky Sabre is an air defence system that recently replaced the legacy Rapier solution in the British Army. The system utilizes primarily the vertically-launched CAMM missiles with a range exceeding 25 kilometers, featuring an active RF seeker. The missiles in question can neutralize a broad range of targets, starting from fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, cruise missiles, PGMs, and small drones to finish with.

A single SkySabre fire unit comprises includes three launchers, Swedish Saab Giraffe radar (for target detection and tracking), and an expansive C2 suite featuring some elements delivered by the Israeli Rafael company. The system is characterized by a capability to act against up to 24 threats at once, as it is a multi-channel solution.

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The British Army operates only a limited number of systems as such. Sky Sabre would be the first system of its class deployed as a response to the Russian aggression against Ukraine. Up until recently, ground-based air defence support has only been provided by the US Army. The Americans have deployed their Patriot medium-range air defence system to Poland. The aforesaid MRAD solution remains capable of neutralizing ballistic missiles. Deployment of sector-scan radars has also been the case. The US Forces also have their Avenger systems coupled with the Sentinel radars here. The list of US air defence assets deployed also includes the Coyote counter-UAS solution. CAP sorties flown in the Polish airspace by the allied air force are also an important support means for the Polish air defences. The fighters come from the US, Germany, the UK, France, or the Netherlands, and they are supported by AWACS and aerial refuelling platforms.

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CAMM is a missile that is operated by both the British Army, as well as the Royal Navy. The missiles are integrated on the Type 23 frigates. In the future Type 26 and Type 31 frigates, as well as the Type 45 destroyers would all be fitted with the CAMM system.

In late 2021 the Polish Ministry of Defence announced that CAMM would be the first choice solution for the Narew SHORAD system. The Narew system is to be delivered by a consortium led by the PGZ Group. The system would integrate a license-manufactured missile with other Polish components, including radars, C2, and IBCS system - all in a configuration tailored to meet the Polish requirements. Wisła programme offset know-how is expected to be utilized in the Narew programme, it is also expected that Narew works jointly with Wisła, within a single command suite.