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We Know the Value of Polish Military Aid to Ukraine [EXCLUSIVE]

Mi-24 Polska
Polish Mi-24 helicopter.
Photo. Col. Agata Zawal, sn. staff. chor. Artur Darmstädter, pvt. Kamil Oślizło

The value of Polish military aid to Ukraine reached 3 billion euros - the Ministry of Defence informed in response to's questions. However, it is not known whether and to what extent this amount includes the possible deliveries of Rosomak APCs to Kyiv.

The value of Polish military aid to Ukraine reached 3 billion euros - the Operational Centre at the Polish Ministry of Defence informed us, in response to's questions. The above would mean that a major increase in the provision of support happened over the last couple of months. Let us recall, in April last year the Ministry of Defence announced that aid of above EUR 2.5 bn. value was transferred.

And the previous amount certainly included (among other assets) the Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks, and at least some of the MiG-29 jets that were transferred to Kiyiv by Warsaw this year. The above also refers to many other pieces of inventory, starting from the Piorun MANPADS, Grot rifles, T-72M/M1/M1ER main battle tanks (more than 240 were delivered in 2022 alone), or 54 Krab howitzers in total, through Osa and Newa SAMs, up to major quantities of munitions, spares, vehicles, and so on.

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Let us add, that back in April 2022 a declaration was made that Poland had already transferred equipment worth USD 1.6 bn. (1.4-1.5 billion euros) to Ukraine. Over a year of full-scale war, the amount went up by a billion euros, and another half a billion, over the last 3-4 months.

A question may emerge: what deliveries, specifically, caused the aforesaid values to rise? The Polish Ministry of Defence stresses that any detailed information on military aid sent to Ukraine remains confidential. The information published by The Wall Street Journal may suggest that Poland also transferred its Mi-24 helicopters to Ukraine.

It remains unknown, however, what number of Rosomak APCs was transferred to Ukraine. The plan to deliver 100 such vehicles to Ukraine was announced in late March by PM Morawiecki . Then 150 vehicles and 24 Rak mortars, and 200 Rosomak APCs in two lots were declared . Even though the APCs were to be procured as brand-new, at Rosomak S.A., some speculation suggested that in part they would also come from the Polish Armed Forces' stockpile.

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So far, neither the Polish Ministry of Defence nor did the PGZ Group unveil any details of the transaction. Responding to the question on the configuration of the transporters, and the implementation of the project, the PGZ Group told us: "Given the confidentiality clause applicable to the matters of cooperation with Ukraine, and the sensitive nature of this subject in the current geopolitical context, no information on that matter would be shared".

Undoubtedly, Poland remains an important state, among the group of nations providing military aid to Ukraine. Even if the dynamics of providing aid are a bit more limited, as opposed to the early stages of the war, the support rendered by Warsaw is still critical, with the value of aid still growing. Not to mention the fact that this includes direct aid, but Poland also acts as a coordinator and hub for logistics or is involved in providing training for the Ukrainian soldiers.

Recovery of capabilities that remain temporarily limited, as a result of donating aid to Ukraine. In many areas, including main battle tanks, self-propelled howitzers, and Piorun MANPADS, relevant agreements have already been signed, but the implementation of these contracts may last a couple of years. Execution contracts for other areas, such as the infantry fighting vehicles, are currently being prepared . The new armament is usually offering much more combat capabilities, but it is also more expensive. To some extent, the aid transferred to Kyiv is being refunded with the use of financing provided by the EU and the US, however, this is a major effort for the Polish budget, in the current political and strategic landscape - an entirely justified effort.

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