Donbass Terrorist Provocations Continue. Ukrainian Forces Attacked 16 Times

  • Fot. A.Hładij/
    Fot. A.Hładij/

At night of 12th March, Russian-Terrorist units shelled the Ukrainian positions, according to the information provided by the press centre of the Ukrainian Counter-Terrorist Operation (also known as ATO).

Starting from 8PM on Thursday, until 6AM on Friday, the Ukrainian forces were yet again attacked with grenade launchers and machine guns. 16 strikes were reported, 12 out of which took place before midnight, and 5 subsequent ones were executed after midnight.

The largest number of attacks, yet again, took place in the Donetsk area. Using the very same tactics terrorists attacked the following locations: Pisky, Awdiyivka, Opytne and Nyewyelsk. On Thursday, at 8:20PM, Avdiyivka became a target for heavy artillery fire, between 9:20 PM and 10:15 PM positions of the counter-terrorist operation forces were stormed near Starohnativka. 

Other areas have also been attacked. The town of Shyrokine was attacked twice with machine guns, round midnight. Shots were also fired near Lugansk and Artyomovsk. 2 attacks were reported to happen between 8:40PM and 11:30PM.

On Thursday, 12th March, at 2:51PM, Russian-Terrorist forces started another attack on the town of Shyrokine. The Russians were using 120 mm mortars which were banned from use by the Minsk memorandum. The attack lasted until 3:25PM, and then machine gun fire was noted.

Due to the fire-fight three Ukrainian soldiers were wounded. According to Dmytro Tymchuk’s reports made on Friday, 13th March, the area between Mayorsk and Avdiyivka is used by the terrorists to regroup their forces, as number of the soldiers has gone up, throughout the last 48 hours, from 3500 up to 5 thousand. The enemy force is formed by a well equipped tactical strike group.