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Douglas A-20 Wreckage Recovered from the Bottom of the Baltic Sea

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National Maritime Museum in Gdansk has released an information regarding a successful operation of recovering a wreck of Douglas A-20 from the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

The A-20 wreckage has been recovered on 5th October 2014 by “St. Barbara” research vessel. Then the aircraft has been transported on-board the “Kambr” tugboat to the Gdynia Harbour. The operation has been realized by the National Maritime Museum together with the Polish Navy and LOTOS Petrobaltic Company.

The Douglas A-20 wreckage has been found in Rozewie region at the beginning of June last year, during a routine measurement of the sea bottom. An attempt of recovering the wreck of the aircraft has been made in October 2013, unfortunately it was not successful due to bad weather conditions at the time.

According to Iwona Pomian, who is the head of the Underwater Research Division of the National Maritime Museum in Gdansk, and who was the supervisor of the project: “Recovering the wreck of the Douglas A-20 airplane from the sea bottom is the first professional operation of this type carried out by a Polish Museum. It is also one of the most spectacular Polish archeological successes since the end of the war. It has been an incredibly ambitious challenge, which required specialized knowledge, experience and precise coordination of the activities carried out by the project team.”