Europoltech 2017: Tarnów Showcases Its Machine Guns and Sniper Rifles

During the Europoltech 2017 exhibition, ZM Tarnów company has been showcasing a family of sniper rifles, coming in 7.62, 8.6 and 12.7 mm calibres, as well as the UKM-2000M machine guns.

The ZM Tarnów company has presented the UKM-2000M machine guns and a family of Alex and Tor sniper rifles, during the Europoltech 2017 expo organized, among other entities, for the uniformed services. The sniper weapons are offered in calibres ranging from 7.62, through 8.6, with 12.7 mm to finish with.

The UKM-2000M machine gun constitutes a development and derivative of the UKM-2000 gun that had been used by the Polish Armed Forces before that. The modified variant was introduced into the inventory of the Polish Army back in November 2015, with UKM-2000P designation ascribed. At the beginning of this month the ZM Tarnów facility has concluded a contract, assuming that the manufacturer would be tasked with delivering 2494 guns like that for the Polish Armed Forces. The machine gun in question, utilizing the 7.62 x 51 mm NATO ammunition, has been fitted with Picatinny rails, moreover stock and the weapon’s mechanisms were modified, with further enhancements made to ergonomics.

At the moment both the Polish Police (especially the counter-terrorist units), as well as the Border Guard utilize PK family machine guns, shooting the soviet 7.62x54R round. This type of weaponry is being replaced with the UKM-2000M guns in the Polish Army, and thus it may also be offered to the uniformed services.

Moreover, the Tarnów facility, belonging to the Polish Armaments Group, has also showcased its Alex-762, Alex-338 (shooting 7.62x51 NATO and .338 Lapua Magnum rounds respectively), as well as the Tor (.50 BMG round) sniper rifles. The standard Alex gun, as well as the Tor rifle, are both being included in the inventory utilized by the Polish Army.

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Polish uniformed services, primarily the Border Guard, are still utilizing the SWD sniper rifles, shooting the 7.62x54 mm round. The armament showcased is being offered both for the Polish, as well as for the potential export user.

Last year the company has announced that it is going to carry out further works on a development variant of the Tor sniper rifle. Moreover, the UKM-2000 Machine Guns, in the export variant, Alex sniper rifles utilizing the 7.62 mm round, as well as the Tor .50 BMG rifles have been placed among the products delivered for the export user.