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Eurosatory 2016: Orbital ATK Showcases Cannons For Rosomak APC and Apache Helicopter


Orbital ATK company has showcased the M230LF 30 mm cannon during the Eurosatory exhibition. The said gun constitutes the basic armament of the Apache helicopters, it may also be used by combat vehicles. Another product presented was the Mk 44S 30 mm cannon. This ordnance is also going to be integrated with the Rosomak APCs, utilizing the remote control ZSSW-30 turret modules. The weapon may be upgraded, so that it is able to fire the 40 mm rounds too. “In the case of ammunition we’ll be able to provide our partner country with the components, to build their ammunition in their own country” - as we were told by Jarrod Krull, Communications Manager Armament Systems Division Orbital ATK.

- We’re showing here the M230LF version of the M230 cannon, that’s on the Apache helicopter. It fires a lightweight 30 mm round that comes in two forms, tactical and training rounds. This is one of the premier products that we sell, it’s on every Apache helicopter in the world. - as Jarrod Krull claimed. It was also stressed by the Orbital ATK’s representative, that the cannon may be integrated with land and air platforms. Here Eagle V vehicle demonstrated at Eurosatory, or MRAP M-ATVs, constitute a good examples. Armament as such makes it possible to act against some types of APCs and IFVs. 

- The Mk44 is one of our other featured products, here at Eurosatory. It is one of our line of the Bushmaster chain guns, that is shown here in the 30 mm configuration - as the representative of the Orbital ATK told us. He added that the Mk 44S variant showcased during the Eurosatory event may also be modernized and upgraded, to shoot 40 mm rounds. In order to do so, only 4 components of the cannon need to be replaced. As Krull stresses, the above means that the company may either equip the client with 40 mm cannons, or, if the customer operates the 30 mm Mk 44 cannons, the weaponry may be upgraded to shoot the 40 mm round.

Mk44S cannons will become a part of the armament suite for the remote control turret modules of Rosomak APCs and Borsuk IFVs – the ZSSW-30 turrets. Meanwhile, standard Mk 44 guns act as the armament of the Rosomaks fitted with the Hitfist 30P turrets. However, the latter ordnance may be modernized, also through provision of a capability to use programmable ammunition. 

The weapon may be fitted both onto a fighting vehicle, as well as onto an aircraft (e.g. a CAS platform), within the scope of the Palletized Weapon System solution, in case of which the whole weapon, along with the fire control system, is installed on a pallet fitted onto a loading platform, which allows the user to fire the weapon, e.g. from a side door. As the representative of the Orbital ATK company assured, it is also possible to integrate the cannon with other systems, such as surface combatants.

Bushmaster Mk44S cannon, besides the conventional sabot or fragmentation rounds, has also been tailored to shoot Mk310 programmable frag-rounds. This type of ammunition has been designed and tailored for this very weapon. 

- As I mentioned before, the Mark 44 is also available in the 40 mm variant, and we’ve recently developed the full suite of ammunition. - as it was added by Krull.

Orbital ATK has established a partner-collaboration with the allies, in order to assist them in manufacturing the self-defence-required armament. The collaboration may concern both the weapons, as well as the ammunition. “In the case of ammunition we’ll be able to provide our partner country with the components, to build their ammunition in their own country”.