From 30 to 155 mm. Expanded Barrel Manufacturing Facility at HSW [Defence24 TV]

– This year we have finalized the ground investments related to launching of know how in the barrel manufacturing domain, within calibre range from 30 up to 155 mm – said Bartłomiej Zając when interviewed by Defence24. Zając is the President of the Management Board, and the General Director at the HSW S.A. company.

The President of the HSW Company added that the facility is now able to manufacture all barrels for the purpose of the Rak project (120 mm self propelled mortar system) or for the Regina project (155 mm Krab self propelled howitzers).

The company also expresses its readiness to manufacture main battle tank gun barrels. Zając declared that HSW is working on increasing the manufacturing capacity also making more investments in the area of barrel machining and manufacturing. The company representative noted that the know-how above bears the key value for the HSW facility.

HSW has also recently launched a robotized welding line, the purpose of which is to assemble K9PL Krab howitzer hulls, IFV hulls and a myriad or turret systems.