A-10 Attack Aircraft Stationed in Hungary

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USAF A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft are currently stationed at the Papa airbase, in Hungary. It was also announced, that, within the scope of reinforcing the US presence in Europe, more F-15C fighters, belonging to the US National Guard, are going to be stationed at the European airbases.

A-10C Thunderbolt II aircraft are going to participate in the training operations in Hungary for the next two upcoming weeks. Scope of the exercise is going to cover execution of attacks against the ground targets and cooperation with the Hungarian Air Force. The Americans are going to get involved in of the Wise Foresight 15 exercise.

A-10C attack aircraft had been sent to Europe earlier, as a part of Theater Security Package – a temporary reinforcement of the USAF’s European presence, realized by units that are permanently stationed in the United States – 74th Expeditionary Squadron in this case. Ämari airbase in Estonia, is the main location from which the 74th Squadron Warthogs are operating now.

This year, for the first time in history, the Americans decided to temporarily deploy aviation units that are permanently stationed in the United States, to Europe, within the scope of so called Theater Security Package. Similar operations had been realized in Asia and Pacific area earlier. Within the scope of the Theater Security Package, A-10 Thunderbolt jets were present in Europe (temporarily present in Poland as well), along with the F-15 air superiority fighters, belonging to the US National Guard.

According to the information released by the United States Air Force, the subsequent Theater Security Package is going to involve F-15C Eagles, also belonging to the units of the US National Guard. Periodic reinforcement of the air component in Europe constitutes an element of increased presence of the US Forces, which has begun once the Ukrainian crisis was escalated.

USAF is willing to withdraw the A-10C attack aircraft, due to budgetary cuts. However, the Thunderbolts are going to remain active at least for some time, since they are being used both within the scope of providing support for the European allies, as well as within the scope of the operations carried out against the ISIS organization. Numerous Congressmen are against withdrawing the A-10 from the active service.