Belarus and Russia in a Joint Exercise: Poland and Ukraine as the Potential Adversaries


According to BielTA - Belorussian state media outlet - a joint Russian Belorussian Allied Resolve 2022 exercise is planned to happen in February. First, a complex test of combat readiness of military units along the Polish border is to take place.

The aforesaid information was shared with the media by General Major Pavel Muravyenko, Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Belorussian Armed Forces. He also pointed to the ongoing militarization of Europe, claiming that NATO forces stationed at Belarus's border are strong enough to provoke and initiate an international conflict in the region. He added that just in Poland, 20 thousand soldiers are stationed close to the border of Belarus (15 thousand belonging to the land forces), while another 12 thousand were deployed to the Baltic states. This number also includes Police and Border Guard officers. Muravyenko did not mention the fact that the deployment of soldiers initiated by Poland is related to the Belorussian activities aimed at supporting the migrants in crossing the Polish border, which also includes the destruction of the border fence, or throwing stones or flashbangs at the Polish soldiers and officers.

Muravyenko added, however, that NATO military buildup close to the Belorussian border is worrying for Minsk, hence the response. This reaction would be adequate and transparent. Together with our Russian colleagues, we would engage in a rapid exercise of forces and assets used by the Union State to react. [...] We have named it "Allied Resolve 2022, said general Muravyenko. The exercise plan has already been approved by Lukashenko, with the date defined as February. The exercise is to take place in the West and South of Belarus, close to the Polish and Ukrainian territory. Exercising a counter-NATO plan in the region is specified as the primary objective, especially against the "Polish and Ukrainian" army.

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The threat to the Belorussian security has also been highlighted by Viktor Gulevich, head of the General Staff. The threat in question is reportedly posed by NATO and its forces close to the border. According to Gulevich, the NATO detachments of the Enhanced Forward Presence/Operation Atlantic Resolve, comprise more than 10 thousand soldiers and 300 MBTs. Meanwhile, the immigration crisis on the Polish, Ukrainian, and Baltic States' borders is reportedly seeing the involvement of another 23 thousand soldiers and officers of uniformed services. The Allied Resolve 2022 exercise is to be a Belorussian-Russian response to the aforesaid activities initiated by the neighbouring countries.

The Belorussian Armed Forces are to conduct a readiness test involving most of the military units, primarily the ones stationed in the West. During the initial phase, those units would regroup and take on the initial positions, and then they would engage in exercise and training activities. Defensive action in the south is among the objectives that are assigned to the Belorussian and Russian soldiers - in the air, and on the ground. The troops would also be tasked with neutralization of recon units and illegal armed formations. Furthermore, a comprehensive test of the military logistics has been planned, within the scope of deployments at vast distances.