Poland and Sweden Expand The Military Cooperation

  • Haubica samobieżna Krab z nowym podwoziem. Fot. M. Dura/

Meeting involving the Ministers of Defence of Poland and Sweden took place on Monday. The main theme of the talks was related to the issues of bilateral and regional, political and military, cooperation.

During the meeting in Warsaw, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence of Poland – Tomasz Siemoniak, and Swedish Minister of Defence, Peter Hultqvist, signed a framework agreement covering the mutual cooperation within the area of defence. A strategic dialogue was initiated between the Ministries – as it was announced by the Polish MoD.

Both Ministers agreed on the fact that the current political context, which has been present throughout the last two years, requires the nations to undertake new initiatives, within the scope of joint establishment of the international security. In order to achieve the above, new forms of cooperation shall be developed. Polish Minister of Defence stated: “The Baltic Sea became a sea-zone of danger, thus tightening the military cooperation between Poland and Sweden is needed and purposeful”. The definite information regarding the individual initiatives will be provided, once the specific decisions are taken.

Minister of Defence also thanked the visitor for the Swedish involvement in the activities undertaken by the Stettin-based Multinational Corps Northeast and for the initiatives, the aim of which is to bolster the partnership policy among the NATO member states, particularly in the military dimension. Joint military exercises are being planned as well. 

During the talks between the Ministers of Defence of Sweden and Poland issues related to the threat posed by the so called IS, and the inflow of refugees, were also discussed.