Polish Parliament Approves The Anti-Missile Shield Base in Redzikowo

  • Japońska rakieta nośna SS-520, Fot.
    Japońska rakieta nośna SS-520, Fot.

The parliament authorized the President to ratify the technical agreement related to the US anti-missile defence base in Redzikowo. Out of 430 voting MPs, 422 were in favour, three were against, and five of the MPs abstained from voting.  

The parliament authorized the president to ratify the technical agreement, regulating the conditions, on which the US base would operate within the territory of Poland. The document regulates the issues related to the height of the buildings in the vicinity of the base, shape of the spatial policy in the neighbourhood, setting-up and operation of the devices that would be emitting electromagnetic waves, airspace management over the base etc.

Construction works related to the base are scheduled to begin next year, while the operational capability for the system is going to be reached in 2018. US Standard SM-3 Block IB and Block IIA anti-missile systems are going to be stationed within the area, while the base itself is going to constitute a part of the European anti-missile shield, also known as the European Phased Adaptive Approach. The second element of the above-mentioned defence system is going to be located in Romania, in a form of an interceptor-missile base.

Initially, the concept of the base, which was compliant with the agreement signed back in 2008, concluded by the former US administration, assumed that the location would be equipped with long range missiles, guided by a radar located in the Czech Republic. However, once the new US Government was elected, the concept of the anti-missile defence system was changed, and the changes also included the Polish bases. Ultimately, the Aegis Ashore system is going to be stationed in Poland. This system has been designed, above all, to intercept the medium range ballistic missiles launched in the Middle-East. It is going to include the Standard SM-3 Block IB and Block IIA launchers, AN/SPY-1 radar, and command and fire control system. The respective annex to the agreement has been signed back in 2010.