HSW Demonstrating the Krab Howitzer [Video]

Photo: Jerzy Reszczyński
Photo: Jerzy Reszczyński

HSW has released the basic specification of the Krab howitzer system, along with a short movie clip showcasing the platform.

The purpose of the 155 mm self-propelled howitzer is to act against and destroy tube and rocket artillery batteries, command posts, communication nodes, fortified areas, main battle tanks, mechanized and motorized elements in any location or operational context. The howitzers are also used to act against the enemy armour behind the enemy lines and with the use of direct fire. They could also be utilized for the purpose of disabling the enemy logistics.

Krab offers rate of fire of 6 shots per minute in an intense firing scenario. The range at which the targets could be destroyed goes up to 40 kilometers. The howitzer has been fitted with INS/GPS (SAASM enhanced) navigation system, advanced fire control system, air conditioning and filtering system, digital intercom and digital communications system, fire extinguishing and explosion mitigation system, daytime and night vision observation systems for the driver and the commander, and a protection and warning system for the vehicle, allowing for detection of laser rangefinders or target designators aimed at the howitzer. The latter makes it possible to automatically deploy a smokescreen. Krab also features a direct-fire aiming system, ballistic radar and a power supply unit. Apart from the 155 mm cannon, Krab also features a .50-cal. machine gun and 2x4 smoke grenades dispenser.

Noteworthy, it was on 25th March 2019, when the Sulechów military base (home for the 5th “Lubuski” Artillery Regiment) has been a venue where the series-manufactured “Krab” howitzers were officially introduced into service.