Agreement Between WB Electronics and Thales: UAV Offer In The Gryf Programme

  • Ilustracja: NASA
    Ilustracja: NASA

WB Electronics released information, according to which the company signed a cooperation agreement with the French Thales Company. According to the provisions of the document, a new design of the Polish, tactical medium range UAV is going to be developed. The new aerial vehicle is to be offered within the scope of the Polish Gryf (‘Griffin’) UAV programme.

The WB Electronics press release stresses the fact that the memorandum is going to be the first step towards development, with a significant degree of involvement of the Polish industry, a medium range UAV. The system is going to be based on “experience and some of the technologies” gathered when the Watchkeeper UAV was being developed.

WB Electronics notes that the Polish programme, the aim of which is to develop the medium range tactical UAV, involves use of some “critical” technologies (software, mission computer, cryptographic systems, data transmission devices), all of which are going to be developed by the Polish engineers. This would make it possible to achieve full degree of control over the new armament system which is to be acquired by the Armed Forces of Poland. The Polish Army would have a proper access to the source codes and cryptographic keys.

During the conference which took place on 30th June, information regarding the MALE UAV’s (a.k.a. Zefir - ‘Zephyr’) and tactical medium range UCAV’s (a.k.a. Gryf - ‘Griffin’) programme was released by the MoD’s Secretary of State, Czesław Mroczek. These initiatives are planned to be realized within an international, intergovernmental agreement procedure. The procedures, the aim of which is to acquire short range and mini-class UAV’s is carried out via a procurement procedure which protects the basic national security interests (“BP” - ‘Bezpieczeństwo Państwa’ - National Security), with exclusion of the Public Procurement Law. The “BP” (“NS”) mode makes it possible to order the products from the local manufacturers.