At Least 500 K2PL Main Battle Tanks to be Produced in Poznań

Czołgi K2 gotowe do prezentacji.
Photo. Jarosław Ciślak/

At least 500 K2PL main battle tanks would be manufactured at WZM S.A. in Poznan, excluding the accompanying vehicles, Sebastian Chwałek, President at the PGZ Group announced. The declaration in question was made when Mariusz Błaszczak, the head of the Polish Ministry of Defence, was visiting that facility.

As Chwałek added, to establish relevant manufacturing capacity, the WZM facility would receive extra funds that are expected to be used to establish proper manufacturing lines.

The declarations go hand in hand with Błaszczak's visit to the WZM facility, where he met the management and the employees.

This is a very good company (...) Thus, we had no doubts, that the K2 main battle tanks would be maintained, overhauled, and manufactured here in Poznan.
Deputy PM Mariusz Błaszczak

Błaszczak stated that Here, in Poznań, manufacturing of modern solutions would happen. Among those, he listed the hydropneumatic chassis, and other solutions as well. 180 main battle tanks would come from Korea, then they will be co-manufactured, and then manufactured in Poznan, Mariusz Błaszczak stressed.

This year, more examples would be handed off to the Polish military, but also maintenance facility would be established - all that's needed to maintain the fleet (...) We are supporting Ukraine, but we also take care of reinforcing the Polish Army. (...) The Polish Armed Forces need to have modern weapons in their inventory, that need to be at least serviced and overhauled, and in the best case scenario - manufactured in Poland. I think that this is a piece of good news that will be broadly appreciated.
Deputy PM Mariusz Błaszczak

Poland has procured 180 brand-new K2 main battle tanks from South Korea. Acquisition of another 820 examples of the K2PL variant has been planned. That variant is to meet the local requirements and be developed with the involvement of the domestic industry. 500 is the "minimum" number planned when it comes to the manufacturing of main battle tanks in Poznan.