Awards for the PCO S.A. Products

  • Fot. Konfederacja Lewiatan
    Fot. Konfederacja Lewiatan
  • Moment separacji rakiet wspomagających SLS, ilustracja: NASA/MSFC
    Moment separacji rakiet wspomagających SLS, ilustracja: NASA/MSFC

PCO products developed inter alia for the Polish Armed Forces received numerous awards. The company sums up the awards it received, during the last couple of years.  Firearm SCT Rubin optics, GOC-1 NIKE optronic systems, MU-3M KOLIBER monoculars and PNL-2AD/M SZPAK night vision goggles were the products which gained most of the appreciation.

SCT “RUBIN” thermal vision sight is used to carry out observation and to lay down fire, with the use of small arms, in any weather conditions, at night and during the day. It is being used by the Polish Army and it constitutes an element of the Polish “Tytan” future soldier system. PCO S.A. acts as the consortium leader and integrator within the programme, the aim of which is to introduce the “Tytan” suite into use. RUBIN night vision device makes it possible to detect a human-sized target at distances of up to 1200 meters. This system is also capable of being functional far from the human eye, and thus it may be utilized to take “shots from behind a corner”.

SCT Rubin sight received the European Business Centre Club Medal, along with the DEFENDER award. The RUBIN optic made it possible for PCO S.A. and Military University of Technology to receive the 2nd degree award for the best scientific study and implementation of the study in the field of defence.

GOC-1 NIKE optronic system. Photo: PCO S.A.

GOC-1 NIKE optronic system is equipped with a module fitted with a thermal-vision camera functioning within the wavelength range between 3 and 5 μm, complemented by an eye-safe mono-impulse laser range finder, a package of TV cameras and an external light sensor. Its purpose is to operate as a component of the target detection, tracking and observation systems. The system is also suitable to be used in fire control suites. This optronic package may be used both at night, as well as during the day. GOC-1 NIKE system also was awarded with the DEFENDER distinction.

MU-3M KOLIBER night-vision monocular is based on the MU-3 system utilized, inter alia, by the Polish Land Forces. “KOLIBER” device may be easily used by the individual soldiers, and drivers of the fighting vehicles and cars as a night vision device. It may also be used as a firearm night-vision optic, when it is coupled with a holographic or a collimator sight. It constitutes one of the lightest device of this class in the world, as its weight without the batteries is less than 250 grams. There is an option of using 2 examples of the MU-3M monoculars, in order to create night-vision goggles (on a proper bridge mount).

GOC-1 NIKE optronic system. Photo: PCO S.A.

MU-3M received the DEFENDER award during the MSPO 2013 Kielce Defence Expo. The device also won the 2012 European Medal and Prestigious Prize – with the latter one given during the Brno IDET 2013 event. KOLIBER also received the title of “Innovative Product of 2012”, awarded by the Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Economic Sciences and by the MSN network. MU-3M also received the Quality of the Year title in the Gold category, together with the Laurel of Innovation award.

Miniaturized PNL-2AD/M “SZPAK” night-vision goggles. Photo: PCO S.A.

Miniaturized PNL-2AD/M “SZPAK” night-vision goggles are a light tool, purpose of which is to to facilitate night-operations. PCO S.A. stresses the fact that the system features two independent optical channels and makes it possible to render the sizes and shapes of the observed objects in a natural way. The goggles are compatible with most of the military helmets used nowadays. This product received the European Medal, Quality of the Year Award – Gold and finally, with the statuette for the Leader of National Security.

PCO S.A. stresses the fact that the awards were received for the solutions which are the result of the scientific research and development works undertaken by the company. The Company states that soon it is going to present another thermal-vision product which is going to be dedicated for the individual soldiers.