HSW S.A. Celebrates its 80th Anniversary

It was on 20th May 2018 when the HSW S.A. facility celebrated its 80th Anniversary. On that occasion, anniversary-related events were taking place.

Starting from afternoon, until late evening, an official picnic event was organized in front of the HSW S.A. HQ, on the occasion of the facility’s 80th birthday. The event involved the employees of the facility, their families and the Stalowa Wola citizens.

The HSW S.A. company celebrated its 80th production anniversary together with the head of the Polish MoD, Mariusz Błaszczak. The head of the Polish Ministry of Defence met the HSW S.A. employees, presenting state awards to some of them.

During the meeting Błaszczak presented around 40 employees with Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals of Merit for National Defence, following decision no. 1232 issued by the Minister of Defence on 7th May. The Minister also presented the employees with several congratulatory letters. Head of the MoD, PGZ President Jakub Skiba and the persons who accompanied the officials, representing regional and parliamentary authorities, got acquainted with the HSW S.A.’s production facility.

Nowadays, HSW is primarily a company that manufactures great products for the Polish military. These products enjoy the best opinions of the Polish soldiers, commanders of the Polish military, these are the products that are a source of pride for us when speaking to foreigners, as HSW is seen as a reputable brand associated with high quality.

Mariusz Błaszczak, head of the Polish MoD