MSPO 2022: PIAP To Showcase Its Robots and Guided Anti-Tank Mines

Photo. Łukasiewicz-PIAP

Next week, the MSPO Kielce event begins. There, Łukasiewicz - PIAP is to showcase its offer for counter-terrorist units, and the military. Stand no. 53 in hall D would feature new generation robotic systems for the uniformed services, and the military. PIAP is also expected to demonstrate its new Guided Anti-Tank Mine.

Starting from 6th, until 9th September, Kielce is going to host the annual defence industry exhibition. Łukasiewicz Research Network Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements - PIAP would also be present there. Security and EOD missions onboard aircraft, public transportation, and within strategic facilities are among some of the key topics to be covered by Łukasiewicz - PIAP this year.

This year, during the 30th-anniversary edition of the MSPO event, one will get a chance to get acquainted with the operation of the PIAP Gryf digital EOD robot, designed for operation in narrow airliner aisles. The robot features a manipulator arm with a reach exceeding 2 meters, allowing for safely opening the overhead compartments. A digital variant of the PIAP Ibis EOD robot is also going to be demonstrated in Kielce - it has been designed for airport operations. The robot would be showcased with a mobile STENOS direct X-ray imagery system, delivered by the US-based LOGOS Imaging company.

KMP/M Mobile Guided Anti-Tank Mine would be among the products expected to be showcased at MSPO.
Photo. Łukasiewicz-PIAP

Another highlight worth mentioning is the result of collaboration established between the Łukasiewicz - PIAP institute, and the Military Institute of Engineering Technology based in Wrocław. The above refers to the KMP/M mobile guided anti-tank mine. It can be used to act against main battle tanks, armored vehicles, and trucks. The EFP projectile can hit the side of a vehicle moving at a speed of up to 60 kph. The KMP/M mobile mine can engage targets located up to 80 meters away automatically.

The KMP/M mine is based on a 4x4 mobile platform with adaptive suspension and AWD, and it exhibits high levels of mobility, both offroad, as well as in urbanized areas. Thanks to its communications suite and control systems, the KMP/M platform can be controlled remotely, even at a distance of 1 kilometer.

Integration of the PIAP Patrol mobile robot and the Asseco Mayfly mini-drone is another highlight of the Łukasiewicz - PIAP booth. PIAP Patrol is a medium-sized tracked robot that has been designed to detect CBRN threats and carry out C-IED tasks. The Mayfly UAV meanwhile has a purpose of carrying out daytime and night surveillance of the enemy territory, and that includes detection of targets, tracking of individuals, indoor surveillance in the urbanized areas, and strike assessments. The system can be used in varying conditions, terrain, above water, and over land, in a myriad of weather conditions and climates.

The goal of integration between the PIAP Patrol robot, and the Mayfly UAV, has been to extend the reconnaissance range, with the drone being used in a role of a virtual mast, feeding the intelligence to the operator. The aforesaid UGV-UAS fusion (Łukasiewicz-PIAP/Asseco) provides the UGV system operator with an entirely new set of surveillance capabilities. The Mayfly system allows for effective planning and execution of missions, taking into account the information on terrain and obstacles collected aerially. It can also be used as an extra communications node, making it possible to control the UAS, even when there is no antenna line of sight between the operator, and the UGV. In such a scenario the Asseco UAS acts as the communications node, ensuring the continuity and safety of the mission.

Łukasiewicz PIAP’s booth, during the MSPO 2022 event. Rendering.
Photo. Łukasiewicz-PIAP

The stand of the JAKUSZ company, partner of the Łukasiewicz - PIAP institute, would feature the PIAP Patrol Strong robot, with a new manipulator arm readied for handling up to 50 kilograms of payload.

The Warsaw-based Łukasiewicz - PIAP institute has been developing assets and methods for reconnaissance for 2 decades now, with those assets being capable of accessing the hardly accessible areas, and also offering a capacity to detect a myriad of threats, including the ones in the CBRN domain. All of those elements would be showcased at stand 53 in hall D, during the MSPO 2022 event. Details on the Łukasiewicz - PIAP products can be found here: