Polish Space Industry Association - Space Sector Forum 2016

  • Załoga misji Shenzhou 11, Fot. Xinhua
    Załoga misji Shenzhou 11, Fot. Xinhua

Polish Space Industry Association, along with the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, organize the Space Sector Forum 2016 event which is to take place on 9th March 2016, at the Warsaw Copernicus Science Centre. The event is supported by the most important Polish facilities and Ministries, involved in development of the space sector.

The March conference is going to consist out of a national session and an international session. The speakers will include representatives of the field from Poland, as well as some speakers coming from abroad. During the meeting, issues related to industrial activities, research operations and administrative issues. The organizers hope that a wide field for discussion will create suitable conditions for complex exchange of views and recommendations.

The conference will be connected with an exhibition of the Polish achievements in the industrial and research areas of the space sector, within which the representatives of research and scientific facilities and companies of the sector will showcase their most interesting projects, designs and services, created thanks to implementation of the contracts for the European Space Agency.

Admission is free of charge. The only condition which needs to be met in order to participate in the Space Sector Forum 2016 event is to get registered as a participant, via a website form.

Detailed information pertaining the event is provided by the organizer – Polish Space Industry Association – you can contact the association directly via phone: +48 22 874 04 12 and via e-mail: [email protected].