Polish Tactical Simulators Procurement Takes a Turn

Photo: US Army
Photo: US Army

As we have found out, four bidders have got qualified into the next stage of a tendering procedure, concerning tactical battlefield simulators. One of the bidders has submitted an appeal to the National Chamber of Appeals, concerning the criteria adopted during the selection of some of the competitors who have been chosen to pass on to the further stages of the process.

The simulators-related procurement has been launched for the second time. Formerly, the tendering procedure that had been announced in 2015 came to a completion in August last year. Offer submitted by the consortium formed by  Cubic Defence Applications Inc., Unitronex Poland sp. z o.o., Siltec sp. z o.o. and the Military University of Technology was selected. However, the results are no longer valid as a result of the Appeal proceedings. The winning bid was rejected, with the second one being assessed as the best one considered to be too costly. It was made by PGZ S.A., forming a consortium with Thales Polska Sp. z. o. o. and Thales avs France SAS. Another procurement process was announced during the very same month. Until January 2020, five bidders have made their submissions.

The current procurement has been divided into two sections. One concerns battalion level complex simulator systems (KSSPW, one example) and four laser-shooting simulators (LSS, four sets); while the second one concerns five modern battlefield tactical simulators (STWPW).

According to the statement provided to us by Major Krzysztof Płatek, the spokesman for the Armament Inspectorate of the Polish MoD, the following entities have been qualified to participate in both parts of the procedure:

- Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH,

- Cubic Defense Applications Inc together with Unitronex Poland Sp. z o.o.

-  Thales Polska Sp. z o.o., together with Thales AVS France SAS and Ruag Defence France.

 Alongside the above group, the Saab AB has also been qualified to participate in the first portion of the procedure (KSSPW), submitting its proposal solely within that scope. The listed entities have been invited to submit their offers.

However, the simulator acquisition process could face delays. Major Płatek stated: “The consortium led by Thales Polska, as objections have been submitted with regards to terms of reference and meeting of the participation conditions by other bidders, has filed in an appeal to the National Chamber of Appeals.”

The spokesman for the Inspectorate added that in the current circumstances of pandemic-related lockdown, also influencing the National Chamber of Appeals, it is impossible to define the date on which the appeal in question would be scrutinized.

However, the spokesperson of the Chamber, Katarzyna Prowadzisz told us that the trials are to be re-started on 25th May - next Monday. The plan of trials for the next week has already been established and currently the participants of the planned trials are being informed on the details. At the same time, the Chamber is taking all the possible precautions to minimise the risks for the trial participants as well as for its employees.

It was on 16th May when 14th May 2020 Act has been adopted, on amendments of some acts within the scope of protective activities related to spreading of the SARS CoV-2 virus (so-called anti-crisis shield 3.0). Thanks to that law it would be possible to fully restart the work of the National Chamber of Appeals.