Polish UAV Systems Will Be Tested In Oleśnica

  • Raytheon is to offer a deeply modernized Patriot system within the Wisła programme. Radar technologies are one of the key areas that are to become a subject of technology transfer. Image Credit: Raytheon/

Tomasz Siemoniak, Minister of Defence, signed a letter of intent related to a scientific research and development centre which is going to be located within the premises of the old Oleśnica airfield. The new institution is going to deal with the field of the UAV-related research.

The letter of intent, the aim of which is to create “Aviation Research and Development Centre of the Wrocław University of Technology” has been signed by the Minister of Defence, the rector of the Wrocław University of Technology, professor Tadeusz Więckowski, PhD Hab. Eng., and by the President of the Military Property Agency, Ilona Kowalska.

This is a breakthrough for this project. We are deeply interested in development of the Polish technology (...) Wrocław University of Technology acts as our partner in the Army modernization process. We have been cooperating with that University since many many years.

Tomasz Siemoniak, Minister of Defence

Minister Siemoniak noted that signing the document constitutes a breakthrough for the project, the aim of which is to create a scientific R&D centre for the University. Siemoniak also emphasized the cooperation with the Wrocław University of Technology, within the scope of modernization of the Polish Armed Forces.

According to the information released by the Ministry of Defence, the Research and Development Centre, run by the Wrocław University of Technology, is going to deal with the scientific research which would involve properly certified laboratories, within the areas of aviation and aerospace. The research will also involve test-flights, with the use of the infrastructure of the former Oleśnica airfield. Tests will also be related to the unmanned aircraft.