Security Promoters: Leading Products of the Polish Defence Industry


During the Defence24 DAY Conference, the Defence24 Group has presented a report containing 15 leading export products of the Polish defence industry.


The report includes various weapon systems, from small arms, through anti-tank and anti-air missile systems, up to and including UAVs, robots and an armed Unmanned Ground Systems. The systems in questions are produced both by state-owned PGZ, and various private companies of the Polish defence sector. Some of them have already been succesfully sold to various export markets and used operationally.


The products are below:

1. 4x4 Tactical Multi-Role Vehicle


4x4 Tactical Multi-Role Vehicle offered by HSW is a platform that could be used for both patrol missions, as well as for reconnaissance, or specialist applications, as a C2 vehicle for artillery units. The platform offers high levels of ballistic, and mine/IED protection. It carries a crew of up to 8 persons, while the maximum total weight is defined as 18 tonnes.

2. "PIRAT" Light Anti Tank Guided Missile

Pirat is an anti-tank guided missile system manufactured by Mesko S.A. It has been designed to neutralize main battle tanks and other armoured vehicles, light fortifications, and slow-flying air threats. The missile can utilize direct-attack, or top-attack engagement modes, at a distance of up to 2.5 kilometers. Pirat utilizes a semi-active laser guidance solution.

3. PERUN Reconnaissance and Combat Unmanned Ground Vehicle with an Armament Module

Perun Unmanned Vehicle is an autonomous wheeled platform featuring a weapons station, designed for reconnaissance and combat missions. The vehicle has been developed by a consortium formed by ZM Tarnów S.A, STEKOP S.A., and the Military University of Technology. The vehicle may be equipped with an armament module featuring a machine gun, and an ATGM launcher.

4. OSU-35K Naval Gun System

OSU-35K is a new variant of a 35 mm naval gun developed by PIT-RADWAR S.A. The system provides the warship that carries it with a capability to precisely neutralize air threats, UAVs in particular, with those threats flying at very low to medium altitudes. The gun can be used against surface threats as well. The system features a fire control system of its own, integrated with an optoelectronic sensor. Its modular nature and open architecture render it a suitable solution for many types of warships.

5. MSBS Grot

GROT Modular Firearms System is an individual firearms system developed in Poland, offered by the "Łucznik" Radom Arms Factory. The weapon is being used by the Polish Armed Forces. The modular design provides the user with freedom of configuration - for instance, the bull-pup variant is easily available. The barrels of different lengths and calibers can also be used. The weapon comes in a variety of different lengths and calibers ranging from 5.56 mm to 7.62 mm, with different sets of equipment that go alongside.

6. Modular Light Non-Contact Minesweep

Modular Light Non-Contact Minesweep has been developed based on many years of experience gathered by the OBR CTM S.A. company in the underwater warfare domain. It has been a part of the development effort undertaken, within the framework of projects undertaken by the European Defence Agency. The minesweep is used to act against non-contact sea mines, protecting the vessels, to guiding them safely through waters where mine threat remains present. These operations are conducted by generating physical signatures, which activate, in a controlled manner, the non-contact fuses of mines.

7. Tulipan Remotely Controlled Anti-Tank-Anti-Cargo Explosive

SPPŁW Tulipan system offered by the Belma company is an area denial-mine asset designed for use by infantry. The mine utilizes an EFP explosive. The mine features acoustic and thermal sensors, allowing for the detection of a myriad of threats and targets. It can also be used against armour in a top-attack setting. The mine can be operated in automatic and supervised modes.

8. PIORUN Man-Portable Air Defence System

The Piorun MANPADS can act against aerial threats, at a distance of up to approx. 6.5 kilometers, flying at altitudes ranging from around 10 to 4 thousand meters. The advanced seeker unit also allows for effective operation in a difficult environment. The missile is also lethal against targets with a low thermal signature. Piorun MANPADS may be shoulder-fired. They can also be launched by surface-to-air systems such as Poprad, Kusza, or Pilica.

9. W2MPIR - Multi-Layered Multi-role Mission Air Smart Swarm

W2MPIR system - "Multi-layered, Multi-role Mission Aerial Smart Swarm" developed by the WB Group is a solution that has been designed to act against a broad spectrum of targets, and penetrate the A2AD bubbles with the use of UAV assets. The system may make use of the FlyEye and FT-5 reconnaissance UAVs. Warmate loitering munitions meanwhile, may act as the W2MPIR's effectors. The whole system is integrated by the homogeneous Topaz communications and battle management system.

10. Silent Network Communication Systems and PERAD Radios

Silent Network system is a comms suite developed by the WB Group, with UAVs acting as airborne routers. The UAVs carry the Perad radios - very light, covert communications systems with uniquely insignificant EM signatures. The UAVs may act in the role of airborne communications nodes, delivering secure tactical communications, even in challenging terrain. PERAD radios can also be coupled with the U-Gate personal command and surveillance system.

11. Kusza Mobile Air Defence System

Kusza Mobile Missile System (MSR) is a VSHORAD solution armed with Piorun or Grom missiles, developed by CRW Telesystem-Mesko. The system may be installed on a light 4x4 platform, such as Polaris MRZR, or Toyota Hilux. Stationary, vessel, or UGV variants can also be delivered. The MSR Kusza system offers quick reaction times and can work fully autonomously, or as a part of a larger, integrated air defense system.

12. EOD ONE suit

The Lubawa Group has developed the EOD ONE suit - the first-ever piece of kit as such effectively protecting the wearer from the overpressure hitting him in an event of an explosion. The EOD one suit is also an element of a broader, expansive communications system, also including a support station and a suit control unit. The user can enjoy a very high level of protection from a variety of factors - fragmentation, heatwave, and shockwave. He can also utilize multiple functions, such as voice communications, transfer of imagery captured by the cameras, photos and file transfer, and control over lighting and cooling systems.

13. Multi-spectral Mobile Camouflage

Lubawa and its Miranda subsidiary have developed a Multi-spectral Mobile Camouflage that allows for great enhancement of protection levels for fighting vehicles. The camouflage protects the object from being detected in optical, thermal, and radar spectra. It can be tailored to a variety of vehicular platforms, BMP or Rosomak APC included - it can be fused with armor modules taking on a form factor of quickly replaceable panels.     

14. PIAP Gryf robot

PIAP Gryf is a medium-sized EOD robot manufactured by Łukasiewicz - PIAP. It weighs 48 kilograms. It can be used to safely identify, pick up and transport suspicious objects, to the location where they could be safely neutralized. The robot features a combined, wheeled-continuous track drivetrain, making it possible to tackle any terrain - also in buildings, the robot remains capable of climbing staircases.

15. PIAP Patrol robot

PIAP Patrol is a medium-sized EOD support/patrol robot, designed for detecting, removing, transporting, on neutralizing mines, unexploded ordnance, or IEDs. The robot may be equipped with equipment required to detect and neutralize unexploded ordnance, or with systems that can be used to detect the effects of the use of CRBN weaponry and toxic chemical agents. The robot, developed by Łukasiewicz - PIAP, utilizes digital communications technology.