Slovakia Works On Its First Satellite

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Slovakia is getting ready to place its first own satellite into the orbit. Its basic purpose is going to be related to provision of scientific data and observation of the outer space.

Slovak Organisation for Space Activities announced that works related to the project, the goal of which is to create a national research satellite, are being gradually finalized. The deadline regarding the initiation of the programme has been defined as June 2016. The satellite is going to be placed in the outer space by a Falcon 9 launch vehicle, designed and manufactured by the SpaceX company. The satellite, besides showcasing the national capabilities in the field of space research, is going to carry our scientific measurements and observations of the outer space.

The Slovak satellite is referred to as the skCUBE, and it belongs to the miniaturized CubeSat objects category. Its weigh is 1 kilogram, and it takes a shape of a small cube, with its side length of 10 cm. Its central unit – the on-board computer – controls the satellite’s communication systems and the equipment used to carry out the measurements, while in orbit.

Slovakia is one of the last European states having no satellites in the outer space. The skCUBE initiative is to allow the Slovakians to join the prestigious club of states which are actively exploring the outer space. The operations within that scope are being coordinated by the Slovak Organisation for Space Activities, which has been functioning since 2009. The organization also actively supports the Slovakian efforts, regarding the Slovak European Space Agency membership.