Ukroboronprom Gains Profit Thanks To The Domestic Orders

The Ukrainian Ukroboronprom defence company released its financial data related to the last year the company recorded 810 million hryvnias (USD 36 million) of profit, while in the preceding period the company incurred a loss of 99 million hryvnias (USD 4.5 million).

President of the Ukrainian Company, Roman Romanov, stated that within the period between 4th Juluy 2014 and 4th July 2015, the total profit of the consortium, which gathers together 137 companies of the Ukrainian defence industry, reached the level of 810 million hryvnias, with income reaching contained within an amount of UAH 12.6 billion (equivalent to ca. 5.6 billion dollars).

The good economic results are an effect of the governmental orders, placed in order to fulfill the needs of the Ukrainian Army and of the National Guard, both of which are involved in the struggle against the separatists in the eastern region of the country.

Within the last year, the Kiev government signed 37 agreements with the domestic manufacturers. These agreements include contracts that cover e.g. delivery of 105 armoured vehicles and tanks and modernization of another 1442 examples of these. 2066 examples of tube and rocket artillery systems were assembled, while 6412 examples of this type of equipment were modernized. 1200 examples of communication, positioning and other specialized appliances were produced and modernized.