WB Group’s Electronic Expansion

Mindmade seismic detectors system operator’s panel. Image Credit: M. Dura
Mindmade seismic detectors system operator’s panel. Image Credit: M. Dura

WB Group has been joined by the 3City Electronics company, a high-tech entity established by graduates of the Gdansk University of Technology. The WB Group stresses the fact that this is a step towards developing the competencies on the civil market, also with the use of military-grade solutions.

On 11th October this year an agreement was signed concerning share subscription with regards to 76.3% of shares of the Gdansk-based company mentioned above. The agreement involves the WB Group’s Mindmade Sp. z o.o entity that is responsible for development of solutions within the following domains: net-centric data exchange in the Polish mobile wireless connectivity, secure M2M communications, voice connectivity integration and perimeter security systems.

The issued release stresses the fact that inclusion of the innovative Tri-City based company in the WB Group constitutes a continuation of the adopted business development strategy based around synergy of expertise of the individual companies that form the largest Polish capital group dealing with defence and industrial technologies. Piotr Wojciechowski, President of the Group, noted that the acquisition is an element of development of the WB Group on the civil market.

We are still developing our expertise in the civil market domain, thus we are very happy with the fact that the 3City Electronics company is joining the Group. Investment in the promising, innovative Polish high-tech companies and then, boosting their position on the international markets, is an example of practical implementation of the idea of economic patriotism. Teaming up with a young, dynamic engineering company is going to constitute an injection of new expertise, ideas and energy for development of the whole Group, especially when it comes to its activities in the electronics domain.

President of the WB Group, Piotr Wojciechowski

 This is yet another step made by the WB Group towards making use of the technologies obtained through military programmes on the civil markets. The 3City Electronics company that has been active on the market since 2013 is a certified partner of the global leaders of the hi-tech and electronics domains: Intel, Kontron, Legic. The company also remains in possession of expertise in the field of software development and in the area of manufacturing and testing the electronic appliances. Its solutions are developed from the stage of a concept study, with the company delivering the final, ready to use products as a result of the undertaken developments. The engineering staff at 3City Electronics is specialized in creating sophisticated processor platforms. Despite the short 5-years long history, the company has a portfolio of 40 technologically advanced projects that have been carried out for customers from all around the world.

Mindmade’s President, Roman Musiał, also confirmed that the transaction, apart from being beneficial business-wise, is a Part of the WB Group’s mission, the objective of which is to support the newly emerging products and technologies developed by the Polish engineers, with the use of the Polish capital. The first transaction of this kind made by Mindmade concerned acquisition of the Polcam company between June and July this year. Polcom is a business that deals with manufacturing advanced video recorders that are used to measure speed and automatically issue speeding tickets.

WB Group is a developing Polish high-tech group that creates innovative products for civil and military applications. Alongside Mindmade, the Group also includes the following entities: WB Electronics, Arex, Flytronic, Radmor, WBE Technologies, WB America and the aforesaid Polcam company. When it comes to military-grade products, the Group is best known for its communication systems, fire control and battlefield management suites and UAVs.

For instance, Topaz fire control module is used in at least several hundred artillery assets operated by the Polish military. The above statement applies both to the modernized platforms, as well as to the newly introduced ones. Meanwhile, Fonet communications suite, apart from being used by several European customers, including Sweden or Poland, is also being license manufactured by Harris in the United States. It is fitted as the internal communication suite on the Stryker APCs or on the JLTV platform. WB Group’s UAVs, including the Warmate loitering munitions system, are operated by Poland and Ukraine. New version of the system - the Warmate 2 - has been developed in collaboration with a company from the UAE.

In November last year the Polish Development Fund acquired shares of the WB Electronics company with a value exceeding PLN 120 million. Meanwhile, command vehicles developed jointly by Rosomak S.A. and the WB Group have recently been introduced into the inventory of the Multinational Division North East.