WCBKT - One Step Closer to Polonization of the Military Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

Centre for Supply and Maintenance of Ground Aircraft-related Support Equipment has been established at the seat of the Central Military Bureau of Design and Technology (WCBKT S.A.) facility in Warsaw. PGZ Group emphasizes the fact that the Centre is going to be primarily tasked with ensuring a comprehensive availability and reliability of ground support equipment for all of the aircraft operated by the Polish military.

Adam Lesiński, PGZ S.A. Member of the Board, stressed it during the opening ceremony, that the event is “an important step towards full polonization of ground support equipment for the Polish military fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft”. The resolution on establishing a competence centre was adopted by the Management Board of the PGZ S.A. on 20th December 2017. Meanwhile, the concept of establishing the centre may be viewed as a result of joint effort undertaken by the Leadership of the Aviation Branch of the Support Inspectorate of the Polish Armed Forces and by the Air (Aviation) Platforms Bureau of the PGZ Group.

"The fact that the Centre has been launched also translates into an opportunity for the WCBKT S.A. facility to become an entity that would be responsible for supporting and overhauling the ground support equipment operated by the Polish military, which would greatly expand the scale of our services that have been, in an ongoing manner, rendered in this domain so far." - Adam Lesiński, PGZ S.A. Member of the Board

WCBKT S.A. has signed numerous contracts with foreign partners in the process of getting ready to create the new facility. The companies mentioned above include the British BAE Systems entity or the Ukrainian Ukroboronservice company.

Furthermore, one should also note the fact that Agreement on Collaboration within the scope of founding the Centre for Delivery and Support of the Aircraft Ground Support Equipment was signed back in 2017, during the MSPO 2017 exhibition. The contract in question involves the following PGZ Group’s entities: “PZL-Kalisz” facility, WZL Nr 1 S.A. [Military Aviation Works No. 1], WZL Nr 2 S.A. [Military Aviation Works No. 2], WZL Nr 4 S.A. [Military Aviation Works No. 4] and WZE S.A. [Military Electronic Works]. Thereby, WCBKT S.A. has obtained the expertise and qualification related to the aircraft ground support equipment operated by the Polish military, regardless of the country from which such hardware originates.

WCBKT S.A. facility designs and manufactures modern defence equipment. It evolved from the Experimental Manufacturing Plant of the Military University of Technology that had been founded back in 1968. At the moment the company deals with delivering aircraft ground support equipment for the Polish military and training simulators for the land forces.

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