JAŚMIN BMS Suite Awarded Again

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TELDAT company has been awarded with the GRAND PRIX prize in the “Leader of the State Security 2017” competition, and the distinction has been received for the company’s proprietary JAŚMIN [JASMINE] BMS battlefield management solution.

The “Leader of the State Security 2017” competition is being organized with honorary patronage provided by the President of Poland. Presenting of the GRAND PRIX award took place during a Gala organized on 28th June 2017, at the Conference Centre of the Polish Ministry of Defence, in Warsaw. The whole event was accompanied by an exhibition of solutions dedicated for being used to bolster the Polish national security, also within the defence domain. Moreover, the exhibition also featured a “complex and unified range of products included in the JASMINE System Systems, including its awarded BMS and other, fully coherent products that are embedded within this ICT platform, including:HMS, DSS and JFSS JAŚMIN”.

Image Credit: TELDAT


According to the published release, the award was presented due to the “innovative profile, prospective character, maturity, wide, long term, credible and proven inter-operational capabilities, operational testimonials, [all ascribable to the JAŚMIN system], as well as unification with other (software and hardware) solutions of the JAŚMIN platform, including ones that are being widely employed by the Polish Armed Forces.”.

This is yet another success achieved by the TELDAT company, pertaining to the developed solution. The JAŚMIN [JASMINE] battle management suite had already received eleven prestigious distinctions, including: Award of the President of Poland, Distinction from the Minister of Defence, five Defender awards within the scope of the MSPO defence exhibition organized in Kielce and three Air Fair awards, received during the international aviation exhibitions organized in Bydgoszcz (the last of such awards has been received in May 2017). TELDAT company places a great emphasis on the fact that the distinctions are of high value, as no “other Polish solutions of this class” have received similar prizes.

Image Credit: TELDAT


BMS JAŚMIN is a technologically advanced, comprehensive net-centric battalion, company, platoon and squad level battlefield management system which may also be applied during e.g. rescue operations at lower levels. This is an onboard derivative of the net-centric JAŚMIN [JASMINE] ICT suite, the purpose of which is to provide support and automation of command processes and assist in functioning of the military structures at the tactical level.

Image Credit: TELDAT


BMS JAŚMIN may be fitted onto a variety of systems utilized in the Armed Forces, vehicles, vessels and aircraft. “It may also be used in mobile units and elements of the law enforcement services and public services, once it is properly tailored to their specific needs etc.

Image Credit: TELDAT


This is facilitated also thanks to the modular structuring of the system, allowing the user to create a variety of configurations of the individual devices, meeting the users’ needs and the mission the user is bound to accomplish. TELDAT makes use of an efficient and durable ICT hardware package and specialized software for supporting the command and operational procedures: BMS C3IS JAŚMIN [JASMINE]. The whole solution has been developed on the basis of experiences gathered during numerous training operations and military exercises, including the ones focused solely on the command procedures: NATO CWID and NATO CWIX.