Defence Policy

Kaczyński: Poland in Need of A Rapid Expansion of Its Military Capabilities

Image: Krystian Maj/PM's Office
Image: Krystian Maj/PM's Office

Deputy PM of Poland, Jarosław Kaczynski, stated that Warsaw would need to rapidly expand its defence capabilities, as the world is becoming an increasingly dangerous place, and “what we have today is insufficient”.

As the Polish Press Agency (PAP) reports, the Prime Minister and President at the PiS [Law and Justice] party has been a guest attending a virtual meet-up of the “Gazeta Polska” readers’ club organized on the social media platform. The recording was then transmitted by TV Republika. Jarosław Kaczyński was speaking of the plans tied to acceleration of the tempo of the economic growth, expected after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Economy is at the foundation of many domains, I don’t want to say that all of them, as spirituality is hugely important, maybe the most important in a longer run, but everything around us is founded in the economy - and we will stand a chance to develop it really rapidly”, head of the Law and Justice Party assessed. Here, he also referred to the necessity to rapidly develop the defence capacity that Poland has. Kaczyński stressed the fact that the above circumstances are tied to the worsening security situation around the world.

He noted that the “economic growth also concerns opportunities in virtually all of the domains, including those that need to be rapidly developed, such as the military capacity of ours”. Referring to the military sphere he said that “we are living in a world that is becoming increasingly more dangerous, and what we have today is insufficient”. Kaczyński said that “interesting times can be seen ahead of us, they may not be safe - but it is not our fault - this is an objective situation that also creates a huge opportunity”.

Since October 2020, Jarosław Kaczynski has been the Head of the National Defence and Defence Affairs Committee of the Council of Ministers. The Committee also includes the Minister of Defence, Minister of Interior and Administration, Minister of Justice, and Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Committee is an auxiliary organ for the Council of Ministers, and the PM.