Kormoran II Project - Main Task for OBR CTM

  • Fot. Oyoyoy/Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0
    Fot. Oyoyoy/Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy Centrum Techniki Morskiej S.A. - Maritime Technology Centre Research and Development Facility – when dealing with the tasks assigned within the framework of the activities undertaken by the Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa umbrella company, is focused primarily on the maritime security of Poland. In this main area, our task is to work on the Kormoran II project, as it was stated by Andrzej Kilian, PhD Eng., OBR CTM’s President of the Board, during the MSPO Defence Salon annually organized in Kielce.

Maritime Technology Centre is delivering the battle system for the Kormoran II vessel” - as it was stated by President Kilian. As he noted, the said system includes a command suite and armament integration solutions, with the armament also being provided by, among other entities, the CTM facility. The systems mentioned above include sonar, dynamic degaussing system and other weaponry.

Andrzej Kilian stressed the fact that the system is expected to be operable as a part of own forces, as well as in a coalition role. 

Nowadays, the capabilities of a vessel, any vessel, depend on the system installed onboard that vessel. In this case, the system is going to enable the vessel to fully deal with the mine-hunting tasks, including mine detection, identification whether the given object is a mine or not, and destruction or neutralization of that mine.

dr inż. Andrzej Kilian, president of the management board at OBR CTM

Moreover, we are also showcasing radio systems in Kielce this year. These designs are entirely Polish. We are presenting selected elements of so called Radio family, including RKP and RKS shortwave radios” - as it was stated by Kilian, during his conversation with Kilian added that the radios are destined to be used by the military, and hoped that they would become a basic element of the radio equipment installed on a variety of platforms delivered to the Polish Army. Here, he was referring to the BMS system, as well as the Wisła and Narew projects.

Kormoran II vessel, as a system, needs to be complemented by additional tools now. Sensoric platform is one of those tools. The platform has been developed by the Centre as a part of an international programme, implemented within the framework of the activities undertaken by the European Agency.

dr inż. Andrzej Kilian, president of the management board at OBR CTM

The aforesaid platform will make it possible to detect buried mines, the main “driving” idea of this system is seen in universality of use. As noted by Kilian, not only may the platform be used for “military purposes, but also in civil life”. 

Our solutions are flexible, and may be tailored to any needs of our armed forces” - as it was summarized by the OBR CTM’s President of the Management Board.