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Krab Howitzers Headed to Sulechów

Image Credit: HSW
Image Credit: HSW

A convoy of 8 Krab howitzers and auxiliary vehicles has left the HSW S.A.’s manufacturing facility. The equipment that constitutes the main element of the “Regina” Squadron Fire Modules will be received by the 5th “Lubuski” Artillery Regiment based in Sulechów.

The convoy left the HSW S.A. company on 22nd June. HSW S.A. recalls the fact that the delivery is taking place within the framework of the Agreement signed on 14th December 2016 by and between the HSW S.A. company and the Armament Inspectorate of the Polish MoD. The agreement envisages delivery of four squadron-level fire modules for the Polish military, known under the codename Regina, comprising of 96 Krab sphs. The agreement worth 4.5 billion zlotys is one of the most significant defence procurement contracts signed in Poland.

The delivery mentioned above concerns the second (out of three) battery of the squadron module destined for the 5th “Lubuski” Artillery Regiment. The first battery has received its equipment back in March. Delivery of the third battery is planned to happen in October. After that the Polish military will have two 155 mm sph squadrons at its disposal. Alongside the 5th Regiment, one of the squadrons of the 11th “Mazurski” Artillery Regiment has been using Krabs since 2017. The aforesaid unit is subordinated to the 16th “Pomorska” Mechanized Division. 

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Today is a significant day for our company, as we are delivering the first series-manufactured squadron-level fire module to the Polish military. It is a result of the efforts made by the whole team working at HSW S.A. We have placed an emphasis on high quality of our equipment and on timely delivery, thus meeting all of the obligations arising on the grounds of the the Regina DMO delivery agreement. Satisfied and wishing a good service, we are handing off 8 Krab self propelled howitzers and the remaining elements of the DMO to our soldiers.

Bartłomiej Zając, President of the Management Board at HSW S.A.

HSW S.A. has already begun the series manufacturing concerning the first (or second, if implementation element is counted) “Regina” DMO Squadron Level Fire Module, consisting of twenty-four 155 mm Krab sphs. Each of these units includes: 24 Krab armoured 155 mm self-propelled tracked howitzers, DMO commander staff-command vehicle (WDSz), DMO chief of staff staff-command vehicle (WDSz), 3 command vehicles for the battery commander (WD), 6 command vehicles for the fire platoon commander (WD), all based on the HSW-designed and -manufactured LPG tracked platform, along with 6 ammunition carriers (WA) and 1 electronics/armament workshop vehicle (WRUE) - all based on the wheeled Jelcz platforms. The whole contract concerns 4 DMOs, which translates into 96 howitzers plus the support (command and logistics) vehicles. The works related to the project are to be finalized by 2024, according to the assumptions made.

Image Credit: HSW