Kryl Howitzer Unveiled

During this year's international defence industry fair in Kielce, Poland, Kryl self-propelled 155 mm Howitzer has made its first public appearance. It has been developed by Stalowa Wola Ironworks in cooperation with Israel-based Elbit company.

Kryl artillery systems are based on the chassis of Jelcz trucks and are equipped with a 155 mm cannon with a 52-caliber\ long barrel. Kryl has been created on the basis of ATMOS 2000 artillery system created by Soltam Systems from Israel, which is Elbit's subsidiary company. ATMOS 2000 is to be coupled with 6x8 and 8x8 vehicles.

According to the producer's specification, effective range of the ATMOS 2000 cannon is over 40 km. The base for the cannon has been delivered by Jelcz company, which is a subsidiary of the Stalowa Wola Ironworks. The latter company is also developing an automated command and fire-control system for the Kryl howitzers. After they are implemented in the manufacturing process, thanks to the technology transfer, such artillery systems are to be manufactured in Poland in a full scope.