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Lithuania Has Delivered Armament For the Ukrainian Army

  • ZT Tarnów karabin samopowtarzalny 8,6 mm LAPU
    ZT Tarnów karabin samopowtarzalny 8,6 mm LAPU

According to the Interfax agency, Lithuania will transfer armament for the Ukrainian Army, within the scope of support provided for the Kiev authorities. All that is done in the light of the conflict which is being escalated in the eastern part of Ukraine

Russian Interfax agency claims that the Lithuanian Minister of Defence stated that Vilnius has delivered armament to the Ukrainians within the scope of the support bundle provided for the Kiev authorities. This support package has been transferred specifically in the light of the conflict in the Eastern Ukraine. However, no details have been provided so far – we only know that help delivered by the Lithuanian government has been free of charge.

President Petro Poroshenko stated in the late November last year, that an agreement has been reached, concerning the “specific elements” and types of the armament that were to be transferred. Lithuania also provides humanitarian help to the Ukrainians with the use of C-27 Spartan cargo plane, belonging to the Lithuanian Air Force.

NATO has not made any overall decisions related to deliveries of armament for the Ukrainians so far, partially due to the refusal made by the European states, including Germany or the Netherlands. What is more, Barrack Obama and his administration also did not transfer any lethal weaponry to the Kiev based authorities, even though a large portion of opinion makers is stating that such solutions would be justified. NATO Europe Commander, General Philip Breedlove, according to “The New York Times”, is also a opponent of such course of action.