Lubawa Group’s Armour and Camouflage offered in Kielce

  • Model 3D instrumentu Tropomi, fot. Andrzej Hładij/
    Model 3D instrumentu Tropomi, fot. Andrzej Hładij/

IMMA system, showcased during this year’s MSPO event, is a result of fusion of expertise possessed by the Lubawa Group, within the scope of complex protection for vehicular platforms.The system provides the vehicle both with the ballistic protection, as well as with relevant level of camouflage when it comes to being detected by naked eye, or with the use of infra-red, thermal vision or radar based detection systems as we were told by Marcin Kubica, President of the Board at Lubawa S.A.

The Lubawa Group demonstrated the IMMA complex vehicular protection system during the MSPO 2016 event in Kielce. It provides protection both from being detected by optical, radar, thermal vision and infra-red systems, as well as from the weaponry that may be hitting the given platform

Lubawa Group [Grupa Lubawa] is the only manufacturer of composite armour solutions conducting its business activities in Poland. The offered products are dedicated for wheeled and tracked vehicles. IMMA is a system which provides protection from being detected within all spectra, used for observation purposes on the contemporary battlefield, it also provided ballistic protections at STANAG 4569 levels from one to 4, including protection from fragmentation.

Marcin Kubica, President of the Management Board at LUBAWA S.A.

As it was stated by Marcin Kubica, President of the Management Board at the Lubawa S.A. company, the Group, at the moment, offers ballistic protection systems compliant with the STANAG 4569 norm at levels from 1 to 4, protecting the vehicles both from the projectiles, as well as from fragmentation. Also, a variety of other composite armour systems has been presented in Kielce, for use on vehicles. All of the showcased solutions have been developed and are being manufactured by the Lubawa Group.

When it comes to the vehicle protection, we also have demonstrated unique camouflage systems based on the autonomous potential which remains at the Lubawa Group’s disposal. Among the aforesaid solutions, static camouflage systems, multi-spectral covers designed for every season and terrain conditions are available, along with one and twin-sided covers providing optical camouflage, camouflage in infra-red, thermal vision and radar spectra.

Marcin Kubica, President of the Management Board at LUBAWA S.A.

During the MSPO 2016 event, mobile camouflage has also been presented, protecting the vehicles within all ranges within which they may be detected. This camouflage is dedicated to diminish the chances of detecting the moving vehicles. The mobile camouflage created by Lubawa has been selected by the Finnish Army, as a part of modernization programme concerning the BMP-2 IFV. Lubawa also presented the multi-spectral imitators (mock-ups) of military equipment. “They imitate the equipment in varied ranges of detectionoptical, IR, thermal, radar and radio signal emissionall of these signatures are simulated” - as it was stressed by Kubica.

Another section of the stand is dedicated to maritime protection systems, including ballistic covers. We are creating Polish armour for the ships, improving the ballistic protection of the naval vessels.

Marcin Kubica, President of the Management Board at LUBAWA S.A.

Besides the ballistic protection systems for the naval vessels, Lubawa S.A. also presented a variety of pneumatic rescue rafts developed in collaboration with the Gdynia Maritime University, as well as individual rescue systems including lifejackets or drysuits.

Meanwhile, in the zone dedicated to air defence, elastomer fuel tanks for the Mi-24 helicopters were being showcased, as one of the items contained within a wider offer of such equipment – We are the only manufacturer of such tanks in Poland.These tanks have been developed for the domestic customers, but we are also starting cooperation within that scope with the foreign clients. - as it was noted by the President of the Lubawa S.A. company.

The Group’s booth also featured a fully equipped field hospital, developed for the Polish Army. When it comes to the individual protection equipment, Lubawa presented helmets, bulletproof vests, and bulletproof and pyrotechnical shields. The latter systems provide relevant level of protection from IEDs.

As it was stressed by Kubica, MSPO exhibition also gave Lubawa an opportunity to present its offer for the Territorial Defence component. It includes a system of tents – “light, simple, user-friendly and manufactured in Poland”, along with a special product line including helmets and bulletproof vests.