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Manta is Certified. Flytronic UAV’s Enter the Civil Airspace

Polish Civil Aviation Office has granted a certificate for the Flytronic company, which states that the company is a subject which manufactures special aircraft. Thanks to that, Flytronic Manta UAV may use the airspace in accordance with the same rules as the manned aircraft do.

The Certificate of the Polish Civil Aviiation Office has been awarded to the Flytronic company on 15th September 2014. It is the first document of this type in Poland and Mid-Eastern Europe. It confirms the fact that all of the unmanned aerial vehicles manufactured by the Flytronic company meet requirements at least as high as the manned aircraft. Supervision of the Office took into account R&D works, manufacturing processes and test flight procedures.

Completing the certification process made it possible to register the UAV's in Poland, according to rules which are similar to those, which govern the conventional planes and helicopters. Press Agents of the WB Electronics company additionally state that Manta SP-XFT (bort no. 001) is the first vehicle of this type, legally registered in Poland. “X” letter in the key stands for UAV.

It was even before the test flights, when Manta system underwent stress tests in accordance with the guidelines of the Civil Aviation Office. Until now the first test flights have been carried out, results of which met the design assumptions. Manta’s top speed is 180 kph, while weight is 55 kg. The aircraft may navigate through the civilian airspace according to the same rules which apply to the conventional manned vehicles.

Flytronic company currently manufactures Flyeye UAV’s (which are used by the Polish Army) and Skyranger aerostats. Certificate from the Civil Aviation Office may be treated as a confirmation, that the already produced drones meet the standards required in the civil airspace. Flytronic company is also working on FlySAR and Manta UAVs. The document issued by the CAO also confirms the capabilities of the Gliwice-based facility to produce prototype UAV’s (including the indicated types of UAV’s) and other systems weighing up to 150 kg, along with parts and accessories for drones or provision of maintenance services for the UAV’s in operation.