Micro-UAVs for the Polish Military. Ważka Programme: Another Attempt

Image Credit: st. chor. Waldemar Młynarczyk/Combat Camera DO RSZ
Image Credit: st. chor. Waldemar Młynarczyk/Combat Camera DO RSZ

The Armament Inspectorate has initiated a procurement procedure concerning the micro-UAV systems. This is the second attempt made to secure the order, the goal of which would be to purchase Ważka programme drones. 

The Polish military plans to acquire six sets of micro-UAV systems. According to the MoD, the goal of this process is to equip the relevant elements of the military with equipment that would make it possible to carry out observation at night and during the day, in a variety of environments, with the use of optronics and infra-red imaging systems.

According to the assumptions made by the military, each of the systems is to facilitate VTOL, and they are to include at least two aerial platforms offering night and day observation capability, along with a single set of control station with a transmitter/receiver unit. The mission ready UAV is to weigh no more than 1600 grams. It is to be up to 70 cm long and wide, when ready for action with the propulsion system deployed. 

Tactical and technical requirements also include the combat radius of the system that is to be received by the Polish military units. As noted by the MoD, the radius cannot be smaller than 1200 meters for direct communication link to be established between the UAV and the antennas (with line of sight conditions). The UAV shall also have operational ceiling of 2 thousand meters ASL, at least 100 meters above the control station. 

The order is being carried out by the MoD within the framework of a negotiation procedure. Up to 10 potential contractors would be invited to participate. All of the entities interested in delivering the equipment need to meet the 8th January 2019 offer submission deadline. The final decisions will be made on the basis of two criteria: price (weight of 85) and technical parameters (weight of 15).

This is not the first attempt to acquire micro-UAVs for the Polish military. The previous tender had been cancelled in April 2017, as the best offer exceeded the budget defined by the Armament Inspectorate of the MoD for the programme. 

Offer submitted by the Siltec company was assessed to be the most beneficial one in that case, with a pricetag of PLN 4.936 million. This was announced in February 2019. However, back then PLN 4.63 million was allocated to the programme - which is an amount lower than the value of the offer selected. And thus the procurement was cancelled. It had been first announced in December 2015.