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“Mighty Dozen” – Firepower Supported by the Drone [Defence24 TV]

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During the #OTak event organized by the Polish Ministry of Defence at the Zielonka training range, the goal of which was to promote the Territorial Defence component of the Army, the soldiers of the JWK Commando Unit have showcased the capabilities that remain at disposal of a 12-person infantry team supported by the Dragonfly combat UAV. A Territorial Defence section is expect to be of a similar composition. The demonstration was also attended by Antoni Macierewicz, Polish Minister of Defence. 

The Commandos from the Lubliniec based unit have demonstrated a scenario in which an infantry squad engages the enemy at a very short distance. The demonstration was far away from real tactics to a degree resulting from the conditions of the field demonstration, involving media and the spectators. The special forces’ operators were moving around in a tight formation, in the open area, without any camouflage.

During the demonstration, the vehicle used by the simulated adversary was also attacked with the use of the Dragonfly attack UAV developed by the Zielonka-based Military Institute of Armament Technology. The UAV in question may be carried around by a single soldier, and it is capable of effectively attacking targets at distances of up to 10 kilometers. 

The primary goal of the demonstration was to present the ability and flexibility that remain at hand of the “mighty dozen”. It is a structure which, should a need arise, may be divided into two 6-persons teams, with the members specializing in all of the basic fields of expertise. The above was demonstrated when the JWK commandos have split into two elements, one of which was moving towards the enemy, with the other providing suppressing fire.

Image Credit: J. Sabak/Defence24

The squad weaponry includes rifles, sniper weapons, machine guns and grenade launchers. The section may also be equipped with extra equipment or supported by an attack drones operator. The Territorial Defence sections will become a part of the company-sized units, constituting the basic training element of the Territorial Defence component.