Modernization of the Helicopters and Manufacturing Activities at the WZL No. 1 Facility

WZL Nr 1 S.A. is the main maintenance and overhauls centre for the Polish Armed Forces’ helicopter fleet. The facility has developed a complex concept for modernization of the Mi-17 and Mi-24 platforms, based on cooperation with the Thales company and experience gathered when working on the helicopters for Senegal. Moreover, WZL Nr 1 S.A. is also working on staring production of an unmanned rotorcraft that would be capable of carrying 350 kg of payload.

WZL No. 1 facility deals with overhauls, maintenance, retrofitting and servicing of the helicopters operated by the Polish Armed Forces. […] Besides that, we also carry out overhauls and servicing of the TS-11 Iskra jet trainers. We have received the AS9100 certificate which is a proof of the company’s capabilities, showing that we have attained the top quality level when it comes to aviation standards. The company has also been indicated as a servicing and maintenance support centre for the helicopters. […] When speaking of the new platforms, whether it is the “Kruk’, or the multi-role helicopters, we are prepared to deal with any platform accepted by the Polish government.

Marcin Nocuń, President of the Management Board, General Director at WZL-1 S.A.

The plans made by the facilities in Łódź and Dęblin include maintenance and operational support for the helicopters, as well as upgrade programmes. This concerns both the foreign contracts, as the one pertaining to modernization of the Senegalese Mi-24 platforms, as well as domestic initiatives, related to upgrades offered for the Polish aircraft.

WZL-1, in collaboration with the Air Force Institute of Technology \[ITWL], has developed a modernization programme for the Mi-24 and Mi-17 helicopters, allowing for expansion of their operational capabilities and making them compliant with the NATO standards. The programme covers the engine overhauls, replacement of the guided and unguided armament, new countermeasures and modern avionics.

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The company is also working on a wide scope of competencies related to manufacturing of composites, non-destructive tests and technologies for aircraft systems. This paves the way for cooperation with the aerospace companies in a role of a subcontractor.

WZL-1 also pursues its own projects, such as a programme in which an unmanned attack helicopter weighing more than 1000 kg has been developed, with payload capacity of 350 kg. The said aircraft may be exported or acquired domestically.