More Beryl Carbine ASG Replicas For The Polish Army

Most probably, the number of the training wz. 96 Beryl ASG carbine replicas, which are going to be supplied for the Polish Army this year, is going to be increased up to ca. one thousand examples. This is going to double the number of the replica guns, that are more and more often used by the Polish soldiers, during the training activities.

The largest order this year has been placed by the 2nd Regional Logistics Base (Military Unit No. 4226 – JW 4226) which plans to acquire 288 Beryl replicas (with optional procurement of total quantity of 700 examples) for the 24th Military Economy Branch (Wojskowy Oddział Gospodarczy – WOG) in Giżycko (Military Unit No. 4352 – JW. 4352). The procurement is being realized in an accelerated mode, thus the offers are going to be accepted until 27th October this year, while the delivery is expected to happen until 11th December. Estimated value of the deal, excluding the Value Added Tax, is contained in an amount of PLN 1,962,800 million.

In October this year, a similar procedure, the aim of which was to acquire 100 ASG RRT replicas, was realized by the 21st Military Economy Branch in Elbląg (Military Unit No. 5330 – JW. 5330). The acquired training devices, procured from the “Łucznik” Radom arms factory, are going to be delivered, until 30th November 2015, to the Support Units in Morąg (50 sets) and Braniewo (50 sets). Procurement cost was contained in an amount of PLN 344,892. The last unit that acquired the ASG Beryl replicas is the 34th WOG in Rzeszów (Military Unit 4784 No. - JW 4784). Here, procurement of 130 training devices is being planned.

The replicas are also referred to as “training simulators”, however the experts usually define them as mock-ups, that turn out to be useful during training. The replica shoots plastic BBs, without generating any recoil, thus it does not induce the habits that are required, when using the original Beryl carbine.

On the other hand, the mock-up may be used in case of close quarters battle and short range fire-fights training activities. The replicas are also quite useful during the tactical training activities, including operations against the simulated enemy soldiers, or even in case of close combat. They offer additional advantages, since the security requirements related to these training devices are not as strict, as in case of the weapons used for live-fire and blank-rounds training. Thus, the training may be carried out outside the military tactical areas, and the selection of training areas is wider.

Moreover, the Beryl ASG replica is to replicate the original weapon with quite high degree of fidelity. Thus, when the replica was designed, the dimensions and weight (3350 g) were meant to be kept the same as in case of the original rifle. The weapon is made of the same materials, including metal, rubber and ABS. Fully functional fire selector has been applied, with three active positions – automatic, bursts and single shot settings. The Army also wanted the replica to be fitted with the elements of the combat weapon (model 2004), including the telescopic stock, Picatinny rail above the receiver, grip, sight, front grip, strap etc.).

Each of the training sets includes the Beryl ASG replica, made with the use of some elements of the combat weapons, seven 30rd-40rd 30-40 BBs magazines, three 90rd magazines, holding 90 BBs, two LiPo batteries dedicated for the required replica, single device for replenishing the BBs in the magazines, protective B class goggles, protective mask with ear protective guard, 20,000 0.25 g BBs for each of the procured examples, along with 1 package of silicone oil dedicated for the given equipment type, one automatic charger for the LiPo batteries, weapon strap and a single cleaning rod. 21st WOG in Elbląg is additionally willing to acquire, along with the purchased rifles, one 300 shots magazine for each of the weapons, in order to simulate the squad automatic weapon.

Training ammunition is also a subject of very specific requirements. The carbines are going to shoot white 5.95 mm BBs, with a weight of 0.25 grams, made out of uniform plastic, processed as a seamless element, without any connections or air bubbles.

The utilized plastic is to guarantee that the BB is not going to get fragmented in the barrel, nor is it going to produce powder, once it hits the target. However, fragmentation is permissible, once the BB hits a hard object.