MSPO 2016: New Remotely Controlled Armament Module From Tarnów

A5 variant of the “Remotely Controlled Armament Module” of the ZSMU product family is one of numerous solutions presented by the ZM Tarnów facility, during the XXIV International Defence Industry Salon in Kielce. The product in question is a serious contender in the DEFENDER awards competition.

The new solution designed in Tarnów is peculiar, as it features two different types of armament coupled together, complemented with a stabilization system and an automatic video-tracker. Remote control system provides a higher level of safety for the crews of a variety of vehicles. The operators have an ability to carry out observation and fire control tasks from the interior part of the armoured vehicles and cars, also when the platform is on the move. Nonetheless, there is also an option for the system to be operated manually, without a power supply, with manual operation of the trigger and targeting.

This is why the remotely controlled armament modules are offered to be applied in case of any type of a vehicle. The Tarnów-based company, since many years, has been preparing to act in the role of the main supplier of the aforesaid solution for the Polish Army. At the same time, proposals have been made to expand the offer and install the systems not only onboard the main battle tanks or armoured personnel carriers, but also in case of the fast patrol boats and within stationary structures.

ZSMU-A5 is a system of modular design, offering an option of mounting a variety of armament onboard. The proposed weapons include .308 or .50-cal machine guns or 40 mm GMG automatic grenade launcher. The rotating platform of the module is also capable of accommodating a rocket launcher and a smoke grenades dispenser. Thanks to the above option, not only may the unmanned turret be used to counteract the ground targets, as it may also be customized to neutralize airborne or maritime threats.

This is also possible thanks to a multi-purpose fire control system, resistant to any environmental factors that may be imposed on it. The suite is based on an integrated optronic sensor. The optoelectronic sensor included a TV camera, FLIR system and a laser range-finder, thanks to which the ZSMU-A5 module may be utilized at night and during the day. ZM Tarnów S.A. facility has acquired the relevant expertise within the areas of design and manufacturing pertaining to most of the electronic components of the module, with a number original technological solutions being applied to reach that goal.

ZSMU-A5 is a system based on the modules that had been developed, implemented and manufactured earlier on, including the ZSMU-1276A3 or ZSMU-A4 systems. The older “packages” are also being presented, along with the operator’s stations, during the MSPO 2016 event in Kielce. A3 remotely controlled armament module is probably the best known variant, 17 examples of which have been delivered for the Polish Army, and further procurement is also expected throughout the year 2016. Modules to be mounted on the ROSOMAK WRT engineering reconnaissance vehicles are already being delivered.

ZSMU-A5 system already went through the factory test programme, with positive results. ZSMU-A5 module is expected to be first used within the design of the light armoured reconnaissance carrier, also known as LOTR (Lekki Opancerzony Transporter Rozpoznawczy).