MSPO 2017: PCO Showcasing A Full Range of Thermal and Night Vision Systems

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PCO company, belonging to the Polish Armaments Group, is showcasing a wide range of night-vision and thermal-vision solutions during the MSPO Defence Salon in Kielce. The systems are dedicated both for the individual soldiers, as well as for platform use.

The Warsaw-based PCO company is presenting virtually every product contained within its offer, during the Kielce exhibition. The presented products are destined to be sold both within the civil, as well as within the military market. Considering the above, we may get acquainted with devices constituting the individual equipment of the soldiers (night-vision goggles, firearm optics, binoculars), as well as with vehicular systems (observation suites, fire control systems and warning systems).

The first group includes a number of aviation night vision goggles (PNL-4 and PNL-3M “Orlik”), individual soldier night vision goggles (PLN-2ADM “Szpak” and MU-3ADM systems), as well as one of the lightest night vision devices available in the world - the MU-3M Koliber monocular.

PNL-3M “Orlik” aviation night-vision goggles - civil version. Image Credit: M. Dura

The firearm optics include the DCM-1 “SZAFIR” Daytime Modular Sight, SCT “RUBIN” Thermal-Vision Sight, meanwhile the binoculars are represented by an observation thermal vision system, the TSO-1 “Agat” device, weighing just 800 grams.

When it comes to the vehicle-dedicated systems, PCO is presenting the following products during the MSPO defence salon:

  • SOD 360 Degrees Observation System, submitted as a proposal to receive the Defender award, developed for the M120K Rak self-propelled mortars and proposed to be installed onboard the modernized PT-91M2 main battle tanks (with four fixed TV/thermal vision modules, replacing a single system);

    SOD 360 Degrees Observation System, submitted as a proposal to receive the Defender award. Image Credit: M. Dura

  • KLW-1R “Asteria” long-wave IR (LWIR - 7.7÷9.3 µm) thermal vision camera that has received the Defender award during the MSPO 2016 exhibition, destined to be used within the fire control systems and observation and surveillance systems and adopted for being set-up on the Rosomak APC;

  • KMW-3 “Temida” medium wave IR (MWIR 3,7÷4,8 µm) thermal vision camera, destined to be used within the fire control systems of the anti-aircraft weapons;

  • Periscope thermal vision sight for the T-72 tanks under the name PCT-72, featuring the KLW-1 “Asteria” camera;

  • OBRA-3 laser warning receiver allowing for detection of laser radiation directed towards vehicles or military facilities by rangefinders or laser target designators, and for notifying the crew about the threat (optically and acoustically) simultaneously indicating the radiation source heading, type and time that elapsed since the radiation was emitted, also allowing the crew to launch the smoke grenades.