MSPO 2017: QbiTT - A New Company Formed by PGZ And Exatel

  • Lądownik Huygens na powierzchni Tytana. Ilustracja: ESA
    Lądownik Huygens na powierzchni Tytana. Ilustracja: ESA

Two companies controlled by the Treasury: Polish Armaments Group and Exatel - are going to work together. On 5th September, during the MSPO International Defence Industry Exhibition organized in Kielce, QBITT Sp. z o.o company has been brought to life. Its main task would be to deliver cybersecurity solutions for the Polish defence sector. The company has also become a party to the existing memorandum on collaboration between the PGZ Group and the Exatel company.

Cyberspace poses one of the greatest challenges for the military in the 21st Century. Recognizing the growing requirement to develop modern and secure cybernetic solutions, the PGZ Group, together with Exatel, has brought the QBITT company to life. One of the strategic objectives of the business activities conducted by the new entity would be to expand the cybersecurity-domain expertise. The event is a tangible expression of the assumptions made by the Polish MoD, supervising the companies, within the domain of cyber-security.

Szczepan Ruman, Member of the Management Board of the PGZ S.A. group, after the agreement was concluded, has made the following statement: “We are happy with the fact that we may co-create the group of entities establishing the national cybersovereignty, also offering original, fully controllable solutions that may be considered to be safe”.

As a Polish leader of the ICT security domain, we want to establish domestic competency. The new company owns the potential required to create innovative solutions that may effectively compete against products already available within the market. The fact that the new solutions would be created by the Polish professionals is also important - they belong to the group of the best experts in the world.

Nikodem Bończa Tomaszewski, President of the Management Board at Exatel S.A.

Exatel S.A. is a Polish digital operator that has been active on the Polish market since 20 years, rendering complex services in the field of telecommunications, for the service providers, businesses and for the public sector. The company is referred to as a Polish leader of the ICT security services, and also conducts its business operations globally as a provider of wholesale voice services, working together with several hundred of providers, domestically and on the foreign markets. The company also operates a modern and expansive data transmission network.