MSPO 2017: WZE and Thales Initiate Radars-related Cooperation

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Thales and WZE S.A. (Military Electronic Works) facility, belonging to the Polish Armaments Group, have concluded a memorandum that would regulate the rules of cooperation within the scope of creating air-defence radar monitoring systems. The initiative assumes that parts and components of the Thales Ground Master 200 radar would be manufactured in Poland. The agreement also covers provision of technical support that would follow the potential deliveries.

The agreement constitutes an expansion of cooperation between Thales and PGZ, with the potential and competencies offered by WZE S.A. being put into use in the area of manufacturing of the electronic components and tests of the radar array. It is planned that WZE initiates a manufacturing process concerning the high-power transmitter modules for the radars that are to be sold in Poland. The memorandum of understanding also allows for involvement of the Polish production potential in the process of manufacturing the radars that may be exported onto the foreign markets.

Ground Master 200 radar is a member of the Ground Master family of systems, including detection and multi-purpose radars manufactured by the Thales company (Ground Master 400, Ground Master 200, Ground Master 60), based upon a joint SR3D platform. The Ground Master family includes products that, up until now, have been sold globally in a number exceeding 100 examples.

Thales offers the Ground Master 200 radar as a solution for airspace defence and monitoring systems that could be used in Poland, with a particular emphasis placed on the Narew programme. The representatives of the parties involved mutually stress the fact that cooperation would greatly expand sales and production capacities of both companies. President of the Management Board at the WZE S.A. facility, Przemysław Kowalczuk, representing the Polish company noted that his initiative paves a way for the Polish Armed Forces towards acquisition of the latest technologies and radar products. “We are implementing the policy of manufacturing the latest solutions for the Polish Army” - as Kowalczuk summed up the agreement conclusion.

Similar statements were made, with regards to the memorandum, by the representatives of the Thales company. Paweł Piotrowski, President of the Management Board of the Polish branch of the Thales company, stated that “through signing of the letter of intent, Thales, that has been working closely together with the Polish industry since 25 years now, yet again has shown its involvement in the process of building a long-term partnership with the Polish Armaments Group”.

WZE S.A. facility, within the structure of the PGZ group, acts as an expert-entity dealing with electronics for specific purposes. The expertise gathered at the company concerns the areas of radar systems, anti-aircraft missiles and electronic warfare. The company specializes itself in overhauls, modernization, modifications and manufacturing of missile and electronic warfare systems.

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