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NATO High-readiness Force Command in Poland?

  • Uczestnicy polskiej misji analogowej Lunar Expedition 1, która rozpocznie się 15.08.2017 r. Fot. Monica Alcazar Duarte/Habitat Lunares

The British PM, David Cameron stated that the Headquarters of the NATO High-readiness Force should be deployed to Poland. He has pledged 3.500 of UK troops to the new structures.

In David Cameron's opinion NATO should reinforce its Response Force, so that the quick reaction units can be deployed anywhere in the world within 2-5 days from emergence of danger. The British PM additionally proposed to place the command of these NATO forces in Poland.

Additionally, the British PM also stated that in case NATO decides to reinforce its Response Force by creating high readiness force, he will be able to assign 3 500 UK troops to participate. What is more Cameron also proposed to deploy NATO equipment to the Middle-Eastern part of Europe, which would boost and bolster the quick reaction and training capabilities.

The head of the UK's government additionally referred himself to the importance of the NATO's Article 5, which requires the allies to participate in collective-defense operations. The reinforcement of the NATO Response Force was proposed by the House of Commons and David Cameron sent a letter to the authority representatives of the member states in which he wanted to emphasize the need of increasing the quick reaction capability and presence of NATO in Middle-Eastern Europe.