Naval Missile Unit Created within the Structure of the Polish Navy

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On the first day of the New Year, Naval Missile Unit (Morska Jednostka Rakietowa - MJR) has been formed by the Navy. Naval Missile Unit armed with the Kongsberg NSM (Naval Strike Missile) system is the core component of the Unit. It has been transformed from the former Coastal Missile Squadron, which has been already disbanded.

The Squadron mentioned above has been disbanded on 31st December 2014 on the basis of the decision undertaken by the Minister of Defence on 28th April 2014. Reason for such change stems from the fact that the second NSM system has been procured for the Polish Navy. Agreement related to this issue has been signed on 19th December 2014, and value of the contract is estimated at the level of ca. PLN 800 million.

On January 1st 2015, one day after the original unit has been disbanded, its equipment and staff has been included in the first fire squadrons of the newly formed Naval Missile Unit, which is under the command of the 3rd Fleet. The new unit is to play a significant role within the scope of providing freedom of action for own vessels within the Baltic Sea. Secondly the unit is to support the combat activities of the Navy and Land Forces during any defensive operations.

Purpose of the Naval Missile Unit is to counteract (destroy, neutralize) the sea units of the enemy, defend the main Naval Bases (bases and manoeuvring points), along with the areas which would be good for any landing. The Unit is also to defend important military and industrial infrastructure located at the Polish coast.