OBR CTM Experts Attend NATO and EDA Meetings

  • Image Credit: A. Hładij
    Image Credit: A. Hładij

Just recently, experts hailing from the Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy Centrum Techniki Morskiej S.A. based in Gdynia [Research and Development Center – Center for Maritime Technology, also known as CTM] have been involved in two international meetings, related to the projects implemented with involvement on their part, within the scope of protecting the harbours, anchorages, and in the area of the mine countermeasures. 

The problem area related to the former issue was covered during the workshops event which took place on 21st November 2016, summing up the operations of the NATO member states, undertaken within the „Defence Against Terrorism Programme of Work (DAT POW)” initiative. Meanwhile, the second meeting organized within the framework of the CAPTECH panel held by the Research & Technology Directorate took place between 23rd and 24th November 2016, at the European Defence Agency’s HQ in Brussels. The initiative covered the issue of developments in the field of maritime technologies.

The goal of the meeting was to present the state of advancement of the projects pursued within the framework of the DAT POW NATO undertaking. Among the said initiatives, the project for protection of harbours and anchorages was included. The said project has been directly involving the CTM facility since a couple of years. It is worth to mention the fact that the Gdynia-based facility has implemented several projects within the framework of the aforesaid programme.

The most important ones covered the development and building of a technology demonstrator of a multi-sensor detection system, and the area of acting against underwater threats. During this year’s edition of the meeting CTM showcased the synthesis of the work results that have been achieved throughout the year 2016. The main goal of the development works was to expand the underwater threats detection area, with the use of multistatic hydroacoustic detection systems that have been attached to a multi-sensor magnetic-acoustic detection system which had been developed earlier. The results presented were assessed positively, and it was recommended that the work should be continued. Also it was decided that relevant test programme should also be carried out in real life conditions. The tests are to take place, with preliminary declaration of support issued by the Navy, next year, at the Gdynia Naval Port.

During the second meeting which was two days long and which was held at the EDA HQ, the currently implemented projects, as well as prospective programmes and projects related to development of the maritime technologies, were all being discussed. Among the said projects, unmanned naval platforms developed with contributions made by CTM, were also being covered.

The first one, the BURMIN initiative, is aimed at developing systems that could be used to detect and neutralize mines that are buried in the bottom sediments. MLM II initiative assumes that development of the MLM modular minesweep developed by CTM is upgraded, which would result in creation of a new variant of this system, with variable towing depth, being able to be operated even several meters beneath the water surface.

Moreover, CTM has also presented a paper: “Combined autonomous modular system for search and disposal of sea mines”, following a request issued by EDA. The paper postulated the desire for and possible paths of prospective development regarding the unmanned innovative mine countermeasures that would be able to detect, destroy and neutralize the mines, and thus, support the operations carried out by the mine countermeasure vessels.