Offset Committee Meeting – Offset Assumptions Regarding the Air-Defence and Submarine Programmes

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Assumptions regarding the offset agreements related to procurement of the air-defence and anti-missile systems within the scope of the “Wisła” programme and assumptions related to the Orka submarines – as Lt. Col. Szczepan Głuszczak from the MoD states – have been finally made.

According to the head of the offset committee, MoD Secretary of State,  Czesław Mroczek, the undertaken actions are to create the national potential within the scope of maintaining combat capabilities, conducting repairs, modernizations and manufacturing of the newly acquired equipment of the Polish Armed Forces. Assumptions related to the “Orka” and “Wisła” programmes have been adopted unanimously during the meeting of the committee, which took place on 4th February.

We would like the national potential to be created, within the field of maintaining technical readiness, conducting repairs, modernizing or manufacturing of the military equipment and armament.

MoD Secretary of State - Czesław Mroczek

Implementation of the offset is related to the decision of the Minister of Defence, which included the “Wisła” and “Orka” tenders in a detailed mode of realization, due to the need of protecting the basic national security interest. As it is being stressed by Lt. Col. Głuszczak, cooperation with the foreign partners in these proceedings will be realized mainly through involvement of the companies, which belong to the Polish Armament Group.

After the offset act has been amended, the offset-related actions are carried out by the MoD. Offset committee is an advisory body working for the Minister of Defence, and the inaugural meeting of that organ has been organized on 15th January this year. Next meeting is going to cover the issues related to procurement of the UAV’s for the Polish Army.